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Recapping The Enemy: Raptors rip up the Grizzlies

When Raptors stand taller than Grizzlies

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NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Toronto Raptors Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

When Raptors stand taller than Grizzlies. One thing is for certain, “Siakam’s middy shows no pitty.” That’s what I remember thinking as Paskal Siakam nailed shots in the second half in critical moments that would eventually lead to another excruciating loss for the “Drip N Slime” gang of Beale St. Some would argue that certain Grizzlies players worked as double agents against Memphis via the shot chart. When you look at the box score & notice the Grizzlies took 20 more shot attempts than Toronto, yet only converted 3 more shots then yes, you are correct about the shot selection. But maybe not totally observing the context.

Yes certain guys can be flat out selfish offensively & without warrant. However one has to credit the stingy interior defense of guys like Marc Gasol, Serge Ibaka, & Paskal Siakam. They kept the Grizzlies out of the high percentage shot areas & even limited Jonas Valanciunas to just two field goals for the entire game. One of those two attempts was a wide open three-point he missed.

My whole thing is even though Toronto was looking to clinch the second seed & secure their fifth straight 50 win season, why couldn’t the Raptors be more focused on resting their much older team for more meaningful games? Like their was no reason for them to fight as hard as Toronto did defensively to win this game. Y’all want a second place trophy that bad? No one told Raptors Coach Nick Nurse that guys like Kyle Lowry, Marc Gasol & Serge Ibaka are high mileage vets who could’ve used the rest?

Seriously? So is Shaq actually cool enough to quote now or was this just some lame attempt to roast the Mecca of barbecue? It ain’t our fault y’all ain’t got sauce to be the boss! (Siakam definitely sauced Dillon up in the bowl this play tho)

Did D’Melt just let a PE teacher go NLE Choppa on him from deep?

They really gave Siakam cool points for catching his uncle slipping in closed toe sandals at the cookout?

All I got from this game is a thirsty group of ol’ heads from the North tryna stop the slime from dripping all over Orlando. And all they got for it was the right to finish second in the LEASTern conference. Priorities people.

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