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Recapping the Enemy: Celtics crush the Grizzlies

...and my heart

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Boston Celtics v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Another night, another game in which the opponent plays their starters and demolish the hopes and dreams of Memphis Grizzlies fans while the Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurs play G League lineups in their pursuit of the play in game.

This time around it was the Boston Celtics who already had the third seed wrapped up and played their starters HEAVY minutes the game before. Sure there is the theory that the Celtics wanted to win against the Grizz to “better the pick they would get from them,” but in the pursuit of a championship — which they have a legit shot at — protecting the FOUR stars in their starting lineup seemed to be the obvious choice.


Let’s check out the view from the bullies in Boston:

Ok first of all, who is that? Second, I am pretty sure that Ja Morant has copyrighted the Ja-ggles so prepare for your lawsuit.

Yea, not cool. You robbed all NBA fans across the planet of Ja Morant attempting to jump over Tacko Fall Vince Carter style. Selfish. On top of that it was Tacko Tuesday, failure all the way around.

This was taken from the CelticsBlog game preview article. Everything looks fantastic with Grayson Allen and Brandon Clarke. Who is Gergui Dieng? Gorgui must have an evil twin brother. Then the obvious is confirmed. People outside of Memphis don't watch Memphis. Josh Jackson hasn't seen the floor unless the Grizzlies were down infinity with 20 seconds left. Shows how much research they did. Oh and also, way to think real hard on your blog name.

Excuse me Jah Dub, Celticsblog commenter, but that is in fact not very nice. I am also willing to bet that if you tried it yourself, it would actually be you suffering that fate. I mean what has he done to you? Did he trip Grant Williams in the NCAA? All he has done is mind his manners and shoot the lights out.

Not quite sure what we did to you Sam, but that sounds extremely personal.

But really, that whole game felt personal. The Grizz minus Ja and BC looked off. Hopefully Giannis head butted his way to the bench Thursday.

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