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Grizz Gaming Preview: Can the Grizz Punch Their Ticket?

One last chance for Grizz Gaming.

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Grizz Gaming v Bucks Gaming Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

While the Memphis Grizzlies are fighting for their playoff lives this afternoon on the real hardwood, Grizz Gaming will be in a similar situation on ESPN2 against Lakers Gaming on the virtual hardwood.

The last three months of NBA 2K League action are winding down as we approach the postseason, and those ten teams that will participate in that playoff run. The first nine teams have punched their ticket to the postseason, based on their regular season records and performances. Tonight, we begin The Ticket Tournament Powered by AT&T to see who will get the tenth and final playoff spot.

For Grizz Gaming, three months full of rollercoaster play will finally come to a halt. The Grizz will be the 14th seed in the Ticket Tournament and will tip-off the tournament tonight at 4:00 P.M. CST, as they take on Lakers Gaming who sits in the 23rd spot.

Can Memphis get hot one more time?

Looking back on this season, it has been quite a ride for Grizz Gaming — from falling to 0-4, finding a starting five that worked, and rolling into great positioning in the Ticket Tournament. Is this the season that Grizz finally take the next step?

In round one, Grizz Gaming will face a very familiar opponent in Lakers Gaming (3-13). Grizz won their first game against back May 28th in week 4. Then, fell in the Turn Tournament on July 22nd in a sweep.

“I’m not worried about that Turn matchup, because they had Vandi on a build he wasn’t comfortable with,” Grizz Gaming General Manager and Head Coach Lang Whitaker previewed tonight’s matchup with us.

“For us, we have to focus on what we do well, and do those things. Vandi is back on his scoring machine for this matchup, and we’ve had time to prepare for this tournament,” Lang continued.

When I asked Lang on the teams in the top tier of the Ticket Tournament Bracket (each team they’ve beaten), “Yeah, you have those teams in the top half of the bracket that we have won games against,” he answered. “We just have to focus on us, and take care of us.”

Scouting the Enemy

Lakers Gaming is coming off of a disappointing regular season sweep to Bucks Gaming. A game one in which the Bucks dropped 133 points on the Lakers defense. The Lakers are in search of a consistent starting five that will produce for a full series. The young team has a promising future in their rookie Point Guard “Sav,” who is second in the NBA 2K League in scoring this season. A young team tying to find a way to win games, something that could potentially fire this Lakers Gaming team up.

When asked about the Lakers, Grizz Gaming GM and Coach kept his focus on his guys heading into tonight’s matchup, but gave the Lakers players props.

“Sav is going to score his, and Vert is a fantastic wing shooter,” Lang said. “They’ve got real good group of guy.”

The Lakers finished the regular season 23rd with a record of 3-13, and messed with their starting five coming down the stretch of the season. Rotating Vert to the Glass Cleaner, and Moottyy to the 3-Level scorer, but their starting five could potentially change again before the tip of today’s game against the Grizz.

Who, what, when, and where?

Who: Lakers Gaming vs. Grizz Gaming

What: Ticket Tournament Powered by AT&T

When: This afternoon at 4:00 P.M. CT

Where: Twitch, Youtube, ESPN2, and ESPN App.

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