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GBB Podcasts: The Orlando Bubble Blues

What a tough time...

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will stone

This sucks.

We lose live sports for 4 months, only for the Memphis Grizzlies to (probably) blow the 8th seed, not win a game thus far, and lose the team’s newest trade acquisition, backup point guard, and one franchise cornerstone to injury.

Just like 2020 had planned!

Anyways, the Grizzly Bear Blues podcast network still produced excellent content this week, despite the blues. Give them a listen, you won’t regret it.

The Starting 5: Dillon Brooks Should Shoot Less, Ja Morant Should Shoot More

On this weeks’ episode of the Starting 5 podcast, they discussed Dillon Brooks’ slump and how can the team overcome it and other issues after 2 key losses to the Spurs and Trail Blazers. They also previewed and predicted the outcomes for this week’s games against the Pelicans, Jazz, Thunder, and Raptors.

3 & D: Connecting GNG and Nxt Gen with James Herbert of CBSSports and Connor Dunning of 92.9 ESPN

Justin Lewis had James Herbert of CBSSports and Connor Dunning of 92.9 ESPN to talk about James’ column on Mike Conley, Marc Gasol, Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr., and the Memphis Grizzlies. They also discuss the Grizzlies’ opening weekend woes in the bubble.

Core 4: Jaren Jackson Jr. Out for the Season, Revisiting Mike Conley trade a Year Later

Nathan Chester and I discussed Jaren Jackson Jr.’s knee injury, his impact and how the Grizzlies can adjust going forward. Ahead of the Utah game, they also revisit the Mike Conley trade, while talking about Brandon Clarke’s All-Star upside.

3 & D: Opening Weekend and the Dillon Brooks Woes

Justin and Keith Parrish of Fastbreak Breakfast talk about the Grizzlies’ slow opening weekend and Dillon Brooks’ frustrating woes.

GBBLive: Mourning the Bubble Grizzlies

Whoever said Disney World is the happiest place on Earth clearly wasn’t a Memphis Grizzlies fan. Host Joe Mullinax and GBB Associate Editor Parker Fleming are joined by two great sports media minds in Memphis - Geoff Calkins and Peter Edmiston - to discuss the Jaren Jackson Jr. injury, the lackluster play of the Grizzlies in the Orlando bubble of the NBA so far, and much more.

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