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Recapping the Enemy: Silencing the Thunder

All quiet on the bubble front

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NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Memphis Grizzlies Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As we revamp the infamous quote of former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton, The Drip N Slime gang had one goal in mind, “Shake the players off!” And by players we mean that crew from OKC that considers themselves the Thunder. Chris Paul might wanna call State Farm & check on his insurance policy after getting stormed on 92-121 at the hands of the New Point God.

Clearly this tweet didn’t age well. Yeah y’all came for business, but y’all were the receivers not the givers today baby! Yeah OKC had the Grizzlies down 18 in the hole early on, but Shai Gilgeous-Alexander got terrorized by the pesky defense of De’Anthony Melton & Dillon Brooks. It looked like taking candy from a baby at certain points in the second half.

In the words of Russel Westbrook’s meme “Cool Story Bro”

The Thunder just didn’t have the same spirit hunting them that haunted Memphis into securing their first win of the bubble restart. Y’all gon learn to stop taking a Memphis beat down lightly. When Memphis gets grimy & says “Give It Up!” That’s exactly what it is. No Rap Cap.

Imagine being part of Thunder Nation thinking this is the game day vibe & then seeing this tweet after the final score today. Looking goofy is an understatement. Looking back on this tweet now feels like watching a scene from “The Office.” They really thought it was soft on Beale Street huh?

Memphis is up six points in this highlight & yet ESPN is riding for Chris Paul so hard, they can’t even see how funky Ja Morant or Jonas got to secure this win. I guess it’s always a side mention for the Memphis henchmen. *Kanye Shrugs*

They came they saw they got torched & The Grizzlies got their sauce back like a flavor pack. YShai & CP3 had us scared as a blowout on the highway. Turns out, it was the car next to us that we heard the tires blow like Snoop Dogg smoke.

We just rode over the debris in the road on the way to the Victory Lap.

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