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Grizz Gaming Gazette: Bright Lights Shine Bright in Offseason Tournaments

Shhh.. they’re listening...

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Michelle Farsi / NBAE via Getty Images

Rumors have been flying high around the NBA 2K League the last month or so. With the NBA 2K League Draft right around the corner, the league has had a steady heartbeat each night on social media and on Twitch.

These outings have brought up some pretty interesting content ideas for guys throughout the NBA 2K League. It is always healthy to have conversations around the league about where you would rank certain guys at each position that are currently retained by their respective clubs, at their projected positions.

Keep in mind that Grizz Gaming hasn’t won certain games in the spotlight throughout their first three seasons. With just two tournament victories in the last three seasons, both coming last season, this Grizz Gaming organization is fully committed to their dynamic duo that continues to progress. With Vandi and AuthenticAfrican coming back this season, the two seem fully committed to not only one another, but taking this organization to the next level.

Now, Authentic’s mention of disrespect in this tweet is more on a individual level due to his versatility playing one through five - people tend to forget just how reliable and consistent he is at the five.

For Vandi and Authentic, it’s about getting that respect and holding one another accountable. Four other guys will join the two in Memphis in a little over a month via the 2K League Draft, and that’s where these two set the tone for this organization.

If we learned anything in the last two weeks from the dynamic duo - they are ready. Three finals in two weeks from Bright Lights featuring three premier matchups with guys currently in the league, and prospects that are set to be drafted in the upcoming draft.

Bright Lights won two of the three finals that they were apart of. In all three Finals, all five guys put on a show. Vandi and Authentic showed that they can put not only themselves in position to be successful, but the three other guys on the roster as well.

Shawn Win, a free agent, and first round pick in 2018 who shot the ball well, was put back on the radar with this team. Shawn listened to everything that Vandi and Authentic needed, and worked himself to get open, and played his role defensively equally well. He is a guy that should, and will be drafted in the upcoming draft.

Two other guys that really showed that they belonged on the scene, and progress really well in the 2K League - Elite Steals (lock) and Brandon (Merc2K) whom played the four. Merc complimented Authentic well in the paint, and Elite changed momentum defensively throughout games.

With Grizz Gaming having four roster spots, I wouldn’t be too shocked if one or more were taken by Memphis off of this Bright Lights team, because these guys have earned that spot. Listening to one another, and fighting for a common goal, while keeping Bright Lights as their main priority was impressive to see.

That’s the progression of Vandi and Authentic this offseason - empowering their teammates, and holding one another accountable. When I interviewed Authentic before his journey with Team Canada this offseason, he mentioned this upcoming season being special. “Who ever gets drafted by the us (Grizz Gaming) has the opportunity to be apart of something special,” Double-A told me.

The dynamic duo is shining right now, and it just feels right because the two have a chip on their shoulder. The Grizz Gaming organization as a whole head into season four with a chip on their shoulder, and that makes for a scary sight when season four begins. With whom ever the Grizz take in the upcoming draft, they’ll carry that same chip on their shoulder in Memphis.

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