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3andD: Early Season Storylines with Jessica Benson and Jon Roser

Grind City Media Joins the Show

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NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Los Angeles Lakers Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s episode of the 3 and D Podcast is laughter packed show when Jessica Benson and Jon Roser of Grind City Media join Ben Hogan and Justin Lewis to discuss the early season stories of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Jessica and Justin defend their stance on candy corn while Roser vents about Dwight Howard missing the top 75 NBA list. Ben talks about his new found stash of mustard bottles before changing his pick on who wins the Southwest Division.

The crew discusses a new ceiling for Ja Morant this season as well as his standing as the most talented player to dawn a Grizzlies uniform. Ben explains his concerns about the current bench scoring and everyone chips in on the best role for Dillon Brooks upon his return. Roser asks Ben and Justin their thoughts on Jaren’s struggles against bigger players and how important his post development is for the team.

Check out the most entertaining episode of the 3 and D Podcast yet, as you prepare for game 4 of the Grizzlies young season.

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