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Quick Recap: Grizzlies feast on Denver Nuggets in Memphis 106-97

The Grizzlies served up the Nuggets

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NBA: Denver Nuggets at Memphis Grizzlies Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

The first half saw the Grizzlies spray the entire arena down with seven made three-pointers. Jaren had three of those, which hopefully means he’s on the high end of his roller-coaster start to the season thus far. Jaren, at one point, led the game in scoring with the 11 points he finished the first half with. Bane has been the other consistent catalyst with nine points and one of the seven three’s Memphis has made thus far. Ja Morant led the half with a game-high 14 points and shows no signs of the elbow bothering him that got him listed on today’s injury report. Tyus Jones came off the bench and had some really nice moments — making plays passing and looking smoothly confident knocking down jump shots even from distance where he had two from long distance in the first half. Tillman also came in highly agressive & finished the first half with 10 points in the opening half.

The second half sees “12” get the first four points for Memphis as he continuously finds scoring opportunities. Jaren starts getting himself in foul trouble picking up two petty fouls within the first four minutes of the third quarter which put him at four fouls with over 20 minutes of regulation left with such a solid start to the game. Jaren re-enters the game to start the 4th quarter and immediately picks up another petty foul — which put him at five fouls with the entire closing period to play.

Tyus heated up even more in the 2nd half, as he nailed a three in both quarters and had four made from downtown with just under 11 minutes of regulation left & leading a surging effort from the bench tonight. By the 10:33 mark in the fourth, The Grizzlies were up 87-75 with Ja getting rest on the bench. The second unit has one a really good job of not only icing Ja one to rest tonight, but also increasing the lead up to 14 points, which is essentially playing with house money for Memphis.

Ja re-entered the game half way int the final period to close the show. Tyus Jones continuously improves his ability to play more minutes. As a result he gets to play more with Ja in closing moments, due to his confident shooting and aggressive offensive activity. With just under three minutes left Ja gets the ball to go iso from the top of the arc for two straight possessions. He breaks down the defender to the rim twice and nails both attempts at the rim despite heavy contest from a solid Denver defense.

By the way, all within the three minute mark showing, he can not be stopped. Morant then nails another iso bucket he made, after starting at the top of the arc taking Bones Hyland off the dribble before switching hands near the rim for a scoop layup he dug up from the floor of the court. This bucket puts Memphis back up double digits (after the closing lineup briefly let the lead get within single digits) at 104-94 with just under a minute left to put the game away for “Nxt Gen” to get them back in the win column after losing their last game while also snapping Denver’s two game win streak.

Memphis bench just proved to be too much as they chipped in 43 points and gave the closers a comfortable lead to finish the game 106-97. “12” had the game-high with 26 points, seven rebounds, and eight assists on the evening.

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