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Report Card: Grizzlies a no-show in Minnesota

Perhaps they skipped to Utah

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Memphis Grizzlies v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Ashton Kutcher is bound to run from behind the curtains any moment now right? Taylor Jenkins said it best, they certainly got punked.

From the tip, the Timberwolves out hustled, out worked and out played the Memphis Grizzlies. There was no energy or sense of urgency from anyone in a Memphis uniform.

No, Dillon Brooks and De’Anthony Melton do not make this Grizzlies team 43 points better. Sure, their energy and defense were missed and could have made a difference. However, they don’t make up for this kind of performance.

Memphis was bound to have a false sense of confidence heading into Minnesota: They came back and beat them once this season and were coming in with a two game win streak over an awful Houston team and depleted Clippers team. While both were convincing wins, the team issues were still there, just masked by the victory.

Couple that with the fact that Minnesota is a top team in the league shooting threes, and Memphis practically had no shot entering this game. It didn’t take long for the Wolves to punch them in the mouth and watch the young Grizzlies lay down, watching Karl-Anthony Towns make a mockery of them.

This team goes as Ja Morant goes and tonight, perhaps for the first time we have seen, Ja simply did not go. At all. His body language was poor, he was passive and without Ja to the max, this team does not stand much of a chance on any night.

Appalling. Embarrassing. An absolute failure of a performance. There is no excuse to be made for a performance of this level. No, young and learning, or part of the long term plan. The Grizzlies simply did not compete, so to no one’s surprise, the entire team and coaching staff receive the biggest F of the season.

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