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Grizz Gaming Gazette: Token Returns to Memphis for Season Five

Grizz Gaming continues internal growth ahead of season five.

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Season five sits in front of the Grizz Gaming organization. With the 2K League expansion draft in the rear view mirror, and trade windows officially opened up for the offseason, it’s time Grizz Gaming to get to work. Officially trading their 2022 First Round Pick in the upcoming 2K League Draft to land 2K League Champion JMoney two weeks ago. Continuing to building on a historic season four, going 18-10, making their first ever playoff appearance, they’re growing internally as a 2K League franchise.

A lot of things changed for the Grizz Gaming franchise internally that spurred a historic season four. One of those internal improvements, 22 year old Jake Sturm, whom is currently stationed in Arizona, apart of the Military joined the Grizz Gaming organization last offseason. Last night, it was announced that Token (Jake Sturm) was returning to Grizz Gaming as their official NBA 2K League Scout this offseason.

Last offseason, the addition of Sturm helped take Grizz Gaming to the next level. “To be around Lang (Whitaker), Mey (AuthenticAfrican), and Vandi last offseason was huge,” Sturm last offseason with Grizz Gaming.

Grizz Gaming established a new reputation around the NBA 2K League last season. Before, a team that hadn’t made the playoffs, and always seemed to be one or two games away from a 2K League Playoff birth, with the addition of Sturm added another layer to how Grizz Gaming approached the offseason.

Sturm’s love for NBA 2K dates back to NBA 2K9 with its franchise mode. Then, he joined the MyCareer movement with NBA 2K19 watching famous Youtuber “Young Precise” . Token’s first competitive 2K Season was with Grizz Gaming Point Guard Vandi. You can almost say Token’s 2K career has come full-circle.

“I’m super ecstatic to return to Memphis for season five,” Sturm told Grizzly Bear Blues. “We have some big things planned, and I can’t wait for you guys to see those big things happen.”

One things for certain, Memphis is lucky to have a scout like Token, and if last offseason was a sample size of what Token brings to the Grizz Gaming franchise, internal growth will continue in season five.

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