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Quick Recap: Grizzlies torched in Dallas

Memphis still cannot defend the perimeter

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Memphis Grizzlies v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzlies laid their second straight dud in Dallas on Monday night. A 102-92 final was not indicative of the beating Memphis took all night. The Mavericks, more specifically Josh Richardson, came out of the gate and punch the Grizz in the mouth. Memphis could not get anything at the rim to fall while Richardson started 3-3 from behind the arc.

The opening few minutes was just a microcosm of the game. Memphis ended the first quarter with 13 points as the lid was never lifted off the basket. It seemed as if Dallas hit 20 three pointers in the first quarter alone as the home net was on fire. Memphis never seemed to get in rhythm until it was far too late in the fourth quarter, making the score look closer than the contest actually was.

Where it went wrong


The Grizzlies have developed an allergy lately. Anything involving success on either end behind the three point line is something Memphis wants nothing to do with currently. The Mavs went 15-41 (36.6%), while the Grizz went 6-31 (19.4%). Find an NBA game that a team wins while shooting under 20% from deep. Most of the perimeter damage was done early as Tim Hardaway Jr. and Josh Richardson were automatic. At one point Memphis was 2-19, so why they proceeded to jack up 12 more threes rather than get into the paint and to free throw line is perplexing.


While Memphis had two less turnovers, they were outscored on the fast break by 22 points (24-2). The Grizz average 15 points per game in transition, an important part of their game plan. Memphis also had 13 offensive rebounds which would lead to a potential 26-39 more points, but only managed 10 second chance points. Finally the Grizz missed 7 free throws. There will never be an excuse for NBA players missing free throws.


Justise Winslow has played twice and stayed healthy. He is going to be a menace on defense on the bigger wings in the league — a huge bonus. The offense will come as his NBA legs return to him, no worries there. Tyus Jones seemed to find his rhythm on offense again while Desmond Bane continues to produce when given the minutes — he NEEDS MORE minutes.

Tough night for the second youngest team in the league. They are learning and growing — and still not full strength. Patience is a virtue, the front office is certainly teaching us that. Find the positives and enjoy the young talent next time out.

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