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Recapping the Enemy: Memphis Grizzlies vs Denver Nuggets

2 tears in a bucket the Grizz fall to the Denver Nuggets

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NBA: Denver Nuggets at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

As time whines in the March of dimes, the Grizzlies lose a much needed game in the Western Conference to a team who’s starting Center is also their point guard in the Denver Nuggets.

Should’ve said with the help of the refs Jokic helps his team win but it’s all good. We owe ‘em one. Lose some to win more. I just can’t get over the fact the closest official near the play raised his hand to call a foul, but let them tell it, he raised husbands hand to Single that Jokic wasn’t in fair play, yeah aight.

Dude every time you come back you burn us. This time you serve us a 20 piece with clutch sauce & stole a win, & you know damn well we needed that win more than y’all. It’s hard out here for a Pimp!

It’s like deep down you still want the Grizzlies to pay for not drafting you or something. Get over it bruh! Have a bad game in Memphis for once to let’s me know it’s real.

I counted at least one moving screen but I ain’t gon say no names, just know that this play was a joke. They basically finessed us with that lil bitty Campazzo dude, doing all that tricky Ricky stuff. He plays basketball like it’s three card Marley.

In other words they hosed down Beale St like a you know, never mind. It just bothers me that Memphis is never the team that gets THAT call. If there was ever THAT call, this was certainly one. Some will say they commend the officials for not allowing a foul call to determine the game. Guess what morons? It wouldn’t have been the first time they’ve done it, probably not even that night across the league. So please have several seats.

Haha! Ya should’ve bet on Memphis to cover! At least we got an evil grin out of it. Remember somehow, someway the house always wins.

Maybe so but they better not think they really won this game. They got calls reversed & everything else to get a win. Not to mention they went against the law of averages, they’ve won virtually all of their games on this recent road trip. This was supposed to be our game. I even booked it with the “Pick ‘em” machine in the neighborhood arcade on NBA2k21 & lord knows I need VC right now.

The Grizzlies lose a heart breaker at the buzzer 103-102 but tuck it, two tears in a bucket. Can’t cry over spilled milk. Gotta keep on keeping on Memphis plays them Thunder cats on sabbath day & vengeance is mine said the lord.

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