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Recapping The Enemy: Grizzlies lose to Thunder 127-122


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NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Oklahoma City Thunder Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Site Manager’s Note: Recapping the Enemy is supposed to be satirical/fun. Relax.

In what turned out to be a failed attempt to avoid another losing streak, the Grizzlies couldn’t hold on to seal the win in a game they were up double digits going into the final period. Shai & company (literally no other recognizable name) somehow not only come from behind but were able to steal the lead as well as the win after falling behind over ten times, making such the second game back to back where Memphis was up in the 2nd half & couldn’t keep the lead.

Jokic as in The Joker!?!? Now Aleksej Pokusevski has a nice set of skill for a big & he shows flashes of Jokic-lite potential but we’re automatically calling him the next Nikola Jokic now?

Yeah he served Memphis a 23-point piece spicy with a side of 10 rebounds & 4 assists but you’re certainly jumping the gun my guy. Jokic is the first of his kind of Center to produce at the level he has. Let’s not act like that comes around every draft or generation for that matter.

Well if you wait until they win to decide to make videos of the Thunder, then you clearly don’t get to make them that often this season ya chump. So go ahead & capture the rare moment. Odds are, y’all probably won’t win again until after Easter. The Thunder caught the Grizzlies slipping in the field but we are prepared for the next roar of nature.

Dude your favorite player is Luguentz Dort, who shoots 39% from the field, despite averaging only 12 points per game & playing over 30 minutes per contest. Not to mention your favorite player didn’t even play this game. He’s “Great Value Dillon Brooks!” Y’all caught Memphis at busy time, & they dropped one they should’ve won, now all of a sudden they’re not the same team who has competed in the Western conference playoff race all season? Huh what you say? I thought a lottery team fan said something.

Ty Jerome had a solid performance for the win but let’s not act like he’s some world beater that’s been vastly overlooked. He played 30 minutes & finished with 12 points, five assists, & six rebounds - solid all around game but nothing too promising from a guy who started & had the ball half of the game. Not to mention his net rate on the season is currently a -6.3 to go along with a pedestrian 9 points per game in over 26 minutes per game & no signs of defensive reliability no where in sight.

In fact, his 109.9 defensive rating is higher than his offensive rating which is 103.6 but yeah let’s rave about that guy. Simply put, lay off the hard stuff. And lastly, you compare him to Joe Harris, another defensive liability on the left end of the the floor who also happens to be equally as inconsistent of a scorer as well.

So now that we’re done dissecting that trash, hopefully The Grizzlies get I think together for the Monday night game at Phoenix. We certainly don’t want another team of part time competitors keeping us from establishing solid ground in the western conference playoff race. Especially when Memphis essentially dropped this game to the OKC Blue affiliates.

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