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Quick Recap: Grizzlies Collapse in Orlando 112-111

So disappointing...

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NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Orlando Magic Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies headed into Saturday night’s matchup against the Orlando Magic in their second game of a home and road back-to-back. Tonight, in Orlando, and looking to sweep the season series with the Magic. Could the Grizzlies get it done on Saturday night?

First Quarter:

The Memphis Grizzlies struggled in their last three games starting games, specifically the first quarter. Tonight, however, the Grizzlies offense looked like it returned to normal form. The ball was moving early as the Grizzlies racked up nine first quarter assists, on 63% shooting from the field from the Grizzlies.

Dillon Brooks specifically picked up where he left off last night in Memphis where he dropped 20 points. Brooks dropped 10 first quarter points for the Grizzlies, as Memphis led the Magic 36-29 at the end of one in Orlando.

Second Quarter:

The second quarter would be a quarter where Memphis grew their lead in Orlando. The Grizzlies would continue their solid shooting, and finding open shots, but their defense fueled a lot of that. The Grizzlies only tallied four assists in the second quarter, and a lot of that was getting to the free-throw line, and getting out in transition.

In fact, Memphis outscored the Magic 16-4 on the break, and didn’t allow a fast break bucket in the second quarter. The Grizzlies held the Magic to 37% shooting from the field in the first half and grew their lead to 14 as they led the Magic 60-46.

Third Quarter:

The third quarter, it felt like the Grizzlies were getting things too easy against Orlando, which can lead to some sloppy play. Orlando attempted twice as many free-throws than Memphis in third quarter, as they cut the Grizzlies down to nine.

Memphis’ starters came out of the locker rooms and played pretty well, but the Magic were playing like a team with nothing to lose, which is true. Despite a stagnant third quarter, the Grizzlies still led the Magic 85-76 heading to the fourth quarter.

Fourth Quarter:

The fourth quarter was closer than you would like if you’re a Grizzlies fan. The Magic would have a really solid showing in the fourth quarter, as rookie Point Guard Cole Anthony had a solid night for the Magic, especially in the fourth quarter.

Unfortunately, following a Dillon Brooks mid-range jumper to put the Grizzlies up two, Cole Anthony drilled a top of the key three to put the Magic over the top in Orlando. The Grizzlies would fall 112-11 to the Magic on Saturday night after leading by as much as 20.

The Grizzlies will be back in action on Monday night as they return home to FedEx Forum to take on the New York Knicks.

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