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Quick Recap: Grizzlies Take Down Kings 116-110

The Grizzlies got it out of the mud.

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The Memphis Grizzlies approached a huge finale to the regular season, as they were in hot pursuit of the eighth seed in the Western Conference. With the two final regular season games at FedEx Forum beginning tonight and tomorrow night against the Sacramento Kings, could the Grizzlies take game one at FedEx Forum?

First Quarter:

Both the Grizzlies and Kings got off to quite the start on the offensive side in the first quarter. For the Kings, Buddy Hield dropped three first-quarter three points as the Kings would shoot 63% from beyond the arch. Fortunately for the Grizzlies, their offense continued to thrive coming off of their win against the Dallas Mavericks. The Grizzlies shot 62% from the field and 66% from three as they led the Kings 36-32 at FedEx Forum.

Second Quarter:

The Grizzlies would give up 10 turnovers in the first half against the Kings. It was must-win game that the Grizzlies were letting fall through the cracks. The Grizzlies gave up several dribble drives to Justin James, whom torched the Grizzlies with floaters.

Despite a rough first half, the Grizzlies continued to grind their way through the first half, and made a push to cut the Kings six-point lead to one at the half at FedEx Forum. The Grizzlies would trail the Kings 60-59 at the half.

Third Quarter:

The Grizzlies came out with better energy to start the third quarter, but their turnover bug continued to bite. A lack of attention to detail was apparent in the second and third quarter, as the Grizzlies had an opportunity to make a run. The offensive movement ran stagnant after pushing their lead to 10 on the Kings. Overall a decent third quarter by Memphis as they carried a 89-33.

Fourth Quarter:

The fourth quarter, the Grizzlies trailed the Kings for about 90% of the quarter. With 3:26 remaining in the fourth quarter, the Grizzlies woke up with Jonas Valanciunas picking up an and-1 to give the Grizzlies the lead once more. Following that and-1, the Kings would go scoreless in their last eight possessions as the Grizzlies would take down the Kings 116-110 at FedEx Fourm.

Final Stats:

Dillon Brooks - 30 points, 6 rebounds, on 13/28 FG shooting

Jonas Valanciunas - 24 points, 13 rebounds, 8/10 FG

The Grizzlies will be back in action tomorrow night, as they take on the Kings before heading to the Bay on Sunday.

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