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Grizz Gaming Gazette: Vandi Roars in Opening Weekend Wins

Perfect start from Grizz Gaming...

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NBAE via Getty Images

Vandi roared like a grizzly bear and moved like a magician this weekend.

Vandi had to, and he knew that. The Grizz Gaming club as a whole knew that in order to change the narrative of this franchise, consistency was going to be key. The Grizz played great basketball in three of their four games to open up the 2021 Regular season of the NBA 2K League.

This team as a whole moves different as they attack their opponents on the offensive end, and everyone is ready to shoot. Defense is their team strength, and was on full display to open up their regular season 3-1.

Grizz Gaming opened their regular season sweeping Heat Check Gaming on Friday night. In fact, that’s the best start in the history of the franchise. Against a Miami team that is offensively driven and well coached.

The obvious thing about game one in particular was Vandi’s offensive avalanche to start the game. 19 first quarter points and draining four three pointers in a row was huge, as the Grizz followed their PG throughout the night. Vandi would finish game one with 36 points and 12 assists.

The defense of Grizz Gaming was dominating, as it continued to force the Heat into bad shots. FollowTheGod held Heat Check Gaming Point Guard Sav to only 18 points, and forced seven turnovers. A smothering defensive game one also held the Heat to 52 points as a team in game one, on top of 15 total turnovers. The Grizz would take down the Heat 93-52 in game one.

The Heat made their adjustments coming into game two, trying to avoid a sweep from Grizz Gaming. The Grizz continued to keep their composure, and make adjustments of their own in game two. Game two was a lot tighter than game one, as the Heat stayed right with Memphis coming down to the final horn.

Dirk the caster on the NBA 2K League Broadcast mentioned at the conclusion of a close game two, “all teams need to be battle tested...To go from a blow out in game one, to gut one out at the end of game two, to show that composure,” Dirk continued.

The Grizz performed well, and it felt like for the two guys who had been here for the last three to four years - the monkey was off of their back. Vandi was great, but AuthenticAfrican eliminated the Heat big men in both games. Double - A notched a double-double in both games, and the Grizz won the rebound category in both games as well. Sitting at 2-0, the Grizz would have to turn around quickly as they would face a tough Hawks Talon GC the next night.

Hawks Talon GC Series:

Following a first quarter from Grizz Gaming that resulted in a disconnect, Memphis came out hooping. Authentic was on the boards, Vandi was crabbing, and sliding into open shots - everything looked right in game one.

Rookie Cezz, whom tore Grizz Gaming up in the Tip-Off Tournament was brought back to earth in game one, as he couldn’t find any open shots. The Grizz defense was fantastic once again, as they would move to 3-1 with a 52-51 game one win over the Hawks.

In game two, the Grizz struggled offensively throughout the entire game. A slow start on the offensive end, then, just not getting enough stops to catch the Hawks saw Memphis get their first loss of the 2021 season by a score of 68-61.

Overall a very successful and promising opening week as the Grizz go 3-1 and will be back in action on Saturday June 5th as they take on Bucks Gaming.

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