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Quick Recap: Grizz Gaming Dominates Bucks Gaming

Grizz Gaming is now 5-1 on the regular season...

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A winless Bucks Gaming team entered Saurday night looking to catch the 3-1 Grizz Gaming squad off guard. The Grizz were prepared, and were more than ready for the task at hand. Grizz Gaming dominated all eight quarter, which shows more progression than the box score will tell you. How did the Grizz move to 5-1?

Game One:

Grizz Gaming put the pressure on Bucks Gaming right out of the gates in the first quarter, mudding the game up. A 18-16 first quarter kept the Bucks offense at ground, as the Grizz would make a huge run to open up the second quarter.

The Grizzlies defense ignited their offense in a second-quarter run. The Grizz only gave up 13 second quarter points to the Bucks, as the Grizz themselves dropped 22 points. Grizz Gaming would get team takeover in the middle of the second quarter, as they would carry a 40-29 lead into the second half of game one.

Following a solid second quarter, Grizz Gaming went on quite the run in the third quarter of game one. Outscoring the Bucks 26-12 in the third and stretching their lead to 66-41 heading to the fourth.

With 4-1 in sight, and despite getting outscored by the Bucks in the fourth, Grizz Gaming would move to 4-1 on the regular season with a 87-66 win over the Bucks.

Game Two:

Game 2 had an even better start to game one for the Grizz as the Bucks looked lost. The Grizz opened the quarter by grabbing four straight offensive rebounds, leading to a FollowTheGod wing three-pointer. Vandi would score 12 of the Grizz first 25 points, and Authentic African would snag six rebounds. Grizz Gaming held a 25-16 lead over Milwaukee after one quarter.

The second quarter was a slug fest, but Grizz Gaming maintained their composer. A 14-10 second quarter had the Grizz leaning on their defense to navigate their lack of an offensive rhythm. The Grizzlies carried a 36-26 lead into the half, which was a sign of a veteran team. Things weren’t going their way, but they maintained. 12 minutes away from a 5-1 start, Grizz Gaming saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

The third quarter, it felt like Memphis put this one on ice, stretching their 13 point lead to 20 with a 24-17 third quarter against the Bucks. Double-A had snagged 19 rebounds through three quarters, and more boards than points for the game overall.

Grizz Gaming would take down Bucks Gaming on Saturday night as they would move to 5-1 on the regular season. Memphis enters their first bye week this upcoming week, as they’ll get some rest, and look to continue their hot start on Thursday June 17th as they’ll take on Knicks Gaming.

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