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2021 NBA Draft Prospect Profiles: Tre Mann

Will the Grizzlies opt to add a secondary ball handler to the lineup?

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SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament - Tennessee v Florida Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Over the next month, GBB will be profiling various players the Memphis Grizzlies may target in the 2021 NBA Draft. This year we will be breaking it up in to three sections - five to likely trade up for, five potentially available right around pick #17 where Memphis is slotted to pick, and five that surely will be there or perhaps the Grizzlies could even trade back and still select.

Tre Mann, Guard, University of Florida

  • 6’4.25,” 190 lbs (6’4’ wingspan), 20 years old from Gainesville, Florida
  • Two seasons at Florida: 24.4 minutes per game, 10.2 points per game, 42.2 FG% (34.9 3PT%, 78.8% from the line), 3.6 rebounds per game, 1.9 assists per game, 0.9 steals per game, 1.9 turnovers per game
  • ADVANCED STATS TO IMPROVE: AST/TO ratio (1.22), AST%/Usage (0.85), FT Attempt Rate (.307), Off Rating (111.7), Off Box +/- (5.0), Player Efficiency Rating (PER) (21.1), Win Shares (.170)
  • AWARDS AND ACCOLADES: 2020-21 First Team All-SEC (Coaches), 2020-21 Second Team All-SEC (Associated Press)
  • CURRENT BIG BOARD PLACEMENTS: 44th (Tankathon), 15th (Ringer), 22nd (ESPN), 31st (CBS), 24th (The Athletic)

Will Memphis be a Mann’s World at the conclusion of the 2021 NBA Draft?

The Memphis Grizzlies have an intriguing offseason in front of them, as they look how to turn their talented roster that has exceeded expectations thus far into a roster that can begin to start competing for championships. Aside from staying healthy, the Grizzlies are in need of someone else who they can turn to to score consistently alongside Ja Morant. While Tre Mann doesn’t necessarily check all the boxes of the formula the Zach Kleiman led Grizzlies front office has used, he could be that guy with the 17th pick.

Unlike some others that have been highlighted, there is a high chance that Tre Mann will be there when the Grizzlies are on the clock for the 17th pick. That is no indictment on his talent, but he has started to slide down NBA Draft boards due to his age and poor measurables at the NBA Combine — measuring smaller than his previously listed 6’5” alongside a small wingspan. The selection of Mann would come as a surprise, as most expect the Grizzlies to look toward improving on the wing, but they could opt for a smaller option that could add a secondary ball-handler to the lineup if they plan to consolidate other assets to address the wing situation.

What He Does Well

Florida v Kentucky Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Primarily used off the bench as a freshman, the Gainesville, Florida native came into his own as a sophomore after growing two inches and adding 15 pounds to his frame. That extra height and weight let Mann bloom into a dangerous player offensively with room to grow on the defensive side of the ball.

Offensively, Tre Mann may not be the most athletic in the draft, but he is one of the more elite shot makers and creators in this draft as he gets to his spots on all three levels. A majority of his scoring came from pull-up jumpers off the bounce and he did it at an efficient rate averaging 1.02 points per pull-jump shot in the half court - placing him in the 90th percentile. At 6’4”, Mann — much like Ja Morant — has mastered using angles to his advantage to get to the rim amongst the trees leading to an array of acrobatic lay ups. While he may not have the explosive first step of others to blow by defenders, Mann has figured out how to create space utilizing step back and side step jumpers.

A majority of his creation came in isolation and pick-and-roll situations, and his shot making ability not only opened up his game, but his ability as a playmaker for others. Mann’s sophomore season established himself as a dangerous pick and roll ball handler and scorer. His ability to create for himself and others flashed his potential to be a first option offensively in the NBA.

While Tre Mann has great footwork on the defensive side of the ball, there’s still a ton of room for growth. He made strides as an off-ball defender last season as he lived in passing lanes throughout his sophomore season.

An aspect of his game that flies under the radar but ticks a box in the Memphis Grizzlies’ draft formula is Mann’s ability on the glass. Tre Mann may be criticized for his size but amongst the top-5 point guards in the 2021 class, he only trails 6’8” Josh Giddey in that category, averaging 6.3 rebounds per game per 36 minutes - same as 6’7” consensus first overall pick Cade Cunningham. This ability to elevate over taller players to grab rebounds only increases his value on both ends.

His growth spurt - along with his tools developed during his time as a smaller guard - will allow him to play as a combo guard in the league.

Where He Can Improve

SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament - Tennessee v Florida Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

When you pull up Tre Mann’s evaluation on Tankathon, it highlights a lot of stats that Mann needs to improve that are either out of Mann’s control or without contextualizing why they happened. Tre Mann can’t control his age, height or wingspan — elements of the draft process that are a tad overblown in the grand scheme of things.

On the floor, as some remember, Keyontae Johnson — who was poised to be a primary factor for the Florida Gators — had a medical issue sideline him for a majority of the season, leaving Mann as the primary scorer and perimeter threat with Colin Castleton holding the Gators down in the paint. Johnson’s absence led to a complete overhaul of Florida’s offense that saw Mann become a focal point. With this sudden change, this could at times lead to Mann doing ill-advised passes and shots. If there is one aspect of his offense that does need to improve, it’s his ability as a slasher. Amongst his class, Mann ranks in the 45th percentile in scoring at the rim, but his comfortability in the mid-range with a patented floater helps in this situation, as he improves this ability to score at the rim via acrobatic layups and occasional dunks.

His primary focus of improvement should be on on-ball defense. While he has shown flashes of being a capable defender with his footwork and staying in front of opposing ball handlers, Mann has to become more physical on the ball as he grows into his adult body. There are also occasional issues with his closeouts, consistency making the right rotations, and his on-ball stance but all of these things are fixable through coaching at the NBA level.

He is sliding for things out of his control but the tape speaks for itself - don’t overthink it.

The Fit

The focal point of the Memphis Grizzlies’ off-season will be consolidating talent at the shooting guard and small forward positions. The Grizzlies have a variety of ways to accomplish this and it could come at the cost of the Grizzlies back court depth. If this is the case and thus leads to the Grizzlies aiming for smaller guards in the draft, that opens the door for guards such as Mann — and the Ja Morant stamped Sharife Cooper. Tre Mann can fill a spot at the shooting guard position, while occasionally spelling Ja Morant at the point guard position.

The acquisition of Tre Mann would make Tyus Jones’s make status murky with the Memphis Grizzlies, as he saw a reduced role in the Grizzlies rotation at the tail end of the season. But on a more positive note, Mann would give the Grizzlies a dependable scorer who can do a lot of stuff that fit with the Grizzlies style of play from his floater to his ability to operate for himself and others within pick-and-roll situations. Taylor Jenkins deployed more “small-ball” lineups in his second season as the Memphis Grizzlies head coach. With Mann in the fold, he would automatically become the second best ball handler on the team behind Morant and increase Jenkins’ flexibility with these lineups next season.

The Verdict

NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament-Vanderbilt vs Florida Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

For the past two drafts, the phrase “old” has been the Grizzlies calling card, as they have collected talent that have been discarded by other teams for not being one-and-done prospects. They will have this opportunity once again with the 20-year old Florida combo guard, but it will depend on how the draft falls and their off-season plan on if they’ll take it.

Tre Mann shot up draft boards due to his growth spurt and play his sophomore season at Florida but is now sliding for things out of his control — including the previously mentioned spurt that didn’t measure as well as some hoped. This takes absolutely nothing away from his ability to put the ball in the hoop as a three level scorer on the floor. The Grizzlies will most likely not have to give up anything to acquire Tre Mann, but if they draft him, that will hypothetically mean the end of one or players tenure with the team. Tre Mann will bring a scoring boost to the Grizzlies offense with enough good-to-great defenders to cover for him defensively as he improves defensively.

Memphis can be a Mann’s world...but it won’t be without some changes to the Grizzlies draft approach and off-season consolidation plans.

Tre Mann will be available at 17 but barring some alterations to the off-season plan...I wouldn’t expect him to be a member of the Memphis Grizzlies.

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