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Grizz Gaming Gazette: It Wasn’t Grizz Gaming’s Turn

Grizz Gaming gets swept in round one of the Turn Tournament...

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It’s tough to breakdown the Turn Tournament from an analyzing standpoint. Of course, the eye test normally never fails. With guys playing on archetypes that they wouldn’t normally play on, it’s just different — even for the best NBA 2K League players.

For example, the best team in the NBA 2K League (from a record standpoint) — T-Wolves Gaming — was swept 2-0 in round one by Blazer5 Gaming. So, when Grizz Gaming was swept by Jazz Gaming last night to end their Turn Tournament run quicker than expected, I wasn’t too shocked, but it is a reality check.

Lack of Magic...

A reality check for several reasons, but for the more important reason — this team has hit an offensive wall. The lack of consistency when running high wing wraps, and overall reads from everyone when the defense shows them, is a weakness. I mentioned in my last Grizz Gaming Gazette, they need to implement more of Authentic African in the pick n’ roll, and to the Grizz credit they have. Now, Vandi has to show that he can shoot when the defenders sag off to rotate to Double-A rolling to the rim.

This Grizz Gaming team will go as far as Vandi will take them — and that’s the truth — as he won Player of the Week (first in franchise history), and has averaged high point and assists numbers. Confident, precise, and efficient played a major role in the Grizz early success. The last few weeks, the Great Vandini has trended downward, but the good news is, it’s fixable.

Personally, I watched Vandi and Authentic this offseason turn numerous situations around for their franchise. This is obviously different, being in the League, on League builds, but he Vandi has to get his confidence back.

It takes a village...

Of course, it isn’t all on Vandi’s shoulders, as those transition scenarios, he may have the ball in his hands 30% of the time. The offense as a whole has to re-adjust to one another. Grizz Gaming’s offense is playing at a prolific pace, but averaging a season-worst in points per game over the last few weeks.

Chess has played out of his mind at shooting guard, and at times it feels like he is over extending himself to find offense. Power Forward Spartan was a guy that was getting more three-point looks when the season started, but his attempts per game have fallen the last two weeks. FollowTHEGOD is a guy with a steady shooting hand when the ball is swung to the weak side corner this season.

The offense has been solid this season, but the last few weeks, their defense has allowed the Grizz to split series that an above average offense would’ve swept.

The Grizz have a week to figure it out, and it may be doing something outside of 2K to give themselves a mental break. The Grizz will have that mental break with a bye week next week, along with their early exit in the Turn Tournament. Memphis will return to their regular season schedule on July 30th against 630 and Pacers Gaming.

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