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The Long View: Josh Giddey, Chris Duarte Outlook and Potential Grizzlies Fits

Let’s talk about the one of the youngest and one of the oldest prospects in the draft.

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Oregon v USC Photo by Jack Dempsey/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

The draft profiles continue on the Grizzly Bear Blues podcast network.

I am joined by Isaac Simpson — a podcast co-host of the HoopBall Grizzlies podcast, and a writer for Rivals for the Memphis Tigers — to talk about Josh Giddey and Chris Duarte.

With Giddey, we discuss why he’s giddy over Giddey, as well as his shooting and off-ball concerns. With Duarte, we talk about why he’s such an interesting prospect, but also talk about his age.

Long-View questions:

  • What is Josh Giddey’s optimized role with the Memphis Grizzlies?
  • Can Chris Duarte become more than a 3&D role player off the bench?
  • Is there room for Duarte to expand his game, despite his age?

For more on Giddey, read GBB Associate Editor Brandon Abraham’s profile on him here.

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