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Grizz Gaming Gazette: Trusting and Believing

Grizz Gaming heads into week eight confident.

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One of my favorite athletes of All-Time is LeBron James. For several reasons, but more than anything what stands out is how his success was craved throughout his career going on 19 NBA seasons. It’s easy to accomplish something and then become complacent following reaching that milestone, but James hasn’t slowed down. “Keep the main thing the main thing, and everything else will take care of itself,” James quoted his mindset on and off the court in his recent documentary with ESPN+. A quote that really anyone can relate to, but something I use in my everyday life.

So, when I sat down with the Grizz Gaming’s core on Tuesday evening as they prepare to hit the virtual hardwood following 15 days off, it was a one band one one sound mindset. “Keep believing in each other, and believing in ourselves,” Grizz Gaming General Manager and Head Coach Lang Whitaker discussed in Tuesday’s media availability. “If we believe in each other, and believe in ourselves, we are going to hit those goals,” Whitaker continued.

One of those goals, that is at most likely atop the list of goals for this Grizz Gaming team is making the 2K League Playoffs. “We have been talking about that since the day last season ended, and we have a great team..Guys one through six,” Whitaker explained that goal.


Grizz Gaming is a franchise that is known for slow starts to the NBA 2K League regular season, going on a run towards the middle of the season, then falling one or two games of a playoff birth.

A big goal in a season where Grizz Gaming crushed their first half goals - start fast. A franchise that is known for slow starts to the NBA 2K League regular season, going on a run towards the middle of the season, then falling one or two games of a playoff birth. The Grizz came out of the gates strong at 9-1, and capturing the attention of other 2K League teams. For Grizz Gaming Point Guard Vandi, his progression has advanced in multiple areas, but he discussed his progression off the floor.

“After that 9-1 start, I wanted to end the season with only one loss, but obviously that’s unrealistic,” Vandi discussed the hot start from the Grizz. Vandi also talked about his offensive struggles heading into the bye week, “I started the season scoring the ball easily, but I noticed (in film) that my moves were becoming predictable.” When the offensive numbers fell through the last eight games, Vandi wasn’t afraid to take blame, “Being the Point Guard, I have to make better reads, and when the offensive numbers dipped, I take that responsibility.”

For Grizz Gaming Center Authentic African, he believes that they were beating themselves in their last eight games (3-5). “There are some things that we can clean up, because I felt like we were beating ourselves...Making it harder on ourselves,” Double-A explained his outlook on the losing skid for Memphis.

However, Authentic was adamant about this teams confidence in one another. Really, Authentic, Whitaker, and Vandi all shared the same message - this team is oozing with confidence heading into their final 10 games.

A look ahead:

Four matchups against the Gen.G Tigers in the next two weeks, whom sit three games back of Memphis in the Eastern Conference. Then, two more matchups against Magic Gaming, who are currently fighting for their playoff lives.

“We want to make the playoffs, we want to be one of the top two teams so that we can have a bye week,” Authentic African explained what is fueling this team right now. Not becoming complacent with a hot start to only fumble down the stretch of the season will be huge for Grizz Gaming in their final 10 games.

There is no doubt about the talent on this Grizz Gaming roster, but it’s all about keeping the main thing as the focus. For Grizz Gaming, it’s trusting one another, and believing in themselves that they’re built to take this franchise to the next level.

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