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Grizz Gaming Gazette: Season Four was Fun

Time for the Playoffs.

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With the season four regular season in the rear view mirror, Grizz Gaming has their sights set on the playoffs. With an 18-10 regular season showing (a franchise best), Grizz Gaming heads to Dallas holding the third seed in the NBA 2K League’s Eastern Conference.

Grizz Gaming will be watching the NBA 2K League Ticket Tournament, an event that they have participated in the last three years. Teams that didn’t make the 2K League Playoffs will battle for the final two spots in the festivities. Memphis will take on one of the two teams that make it out of the Ticket in round one. So, the Grizz will have one week off before starting their fairy tale playoff run.

Grizz Gaming swept Raptors Uprising GC on Wednesday to lock in their third seed. Grizz Gaming General Manager and Head Coach Lang Whitaker switched up the lineups for game two following a game one win by inserting sixth man JROD into the starting five and giving Authentic African a game off. JROD has done more than what the average fan can see. “Being in that sixth man role, it’s slowed the game down for me, and it’s given me a different lookout on the game as a whole,” JROD and I talked a few months back about his transition.

Whitaker was rewarding one of the best teammates in the 2K League and is also rewarding his team overall for such a great regular season. It was a season four full of crazy storylines for Memphis. From a 9-1 start to locking in their first playoff birth in franchise history, it has been fun to follow in season four.

Now, a Grizz Gaming club that was built for their love of the game heads to Dallas to a studio setup where games will be played in person for the first time in two years. With the announcement of the games being held in person once again, we have more anticipation heading into the 2K League Playoffs.

Are these young Grizzlies built to go on a playoff run in the studio? Can they handle those best of three series where their backs are against the wall? We will have to see. Meanwhile, those Grizz Gaming players are still grinding through their week off.

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