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Grizz Gaming Gazette: ‘Gritty’ Grizz Gaming Ready for Their Playoff Debut

Grizz Gaming arrives in Dallas ready.

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Grizz Gaming returns to a studio setting on Thursday night in round one of the NBA 2K League Playoffs in Dallas, Texas. These are the first-in person games that have been played for the NBA 2K League in nearly two years due to COVID-19. Thursday will be Grizz Gaming’s first playoff appearance in franchise history as well.

A team that came together just five months ago, seems more together than many 2K League teams. From texting in their group chat as they quarantined in their hotels in Dallas, to visioning their matchup against Knicks Gaming on Thursday night in round one. “It means so much to me... to us,” Grizz Gaming Point Guard Vandi talked about this big step for the franchise. “I think about Lang (Whitaker), in those moment... when we clinched our spot in the playoffs,” Authentic African discussed his emotions ahead of their playoff debut.

For some teams, it peaks curiosity around the 2K League how returning to a studio setting will impact specific teams. Two years allowed a lot of talent to filter in and out of the 2K League. For Grizz Gaming, they think the studio setting will fuel them more, “For a guys like Spartan, I can’t wait to see him perform at that level,” Authentic African discussed performing in front of their opponents again.

Yeah, Grizz Gaming is in a similar boat in terms of guys that haven’t performed on the stage. Chess2K, Spartan, and FollowTheGod all will make their stage debuts, but the strength for Memphis will be their experience. The two most crucial positions on the court at Point Guard and Center have three plus years of experience of playing competitive stage. Vandi and Authentic look to continue their strong leadership, and composure of these young Grizzly Bears through a highly successful season four.

In particular, Vandi continues his growth as the leader on the guys in Beale Street Blue. “I’ve grown so much in Memphis, and I always wanted to be here,” Vandi talked about his progression up to this point. Vandi also discussed wanting to be with this franchise for a very long time. Authentic African echoed those same thoughts “I want this to be the new expectation for Vandi and I - making the playoffs.”

Just how far Grizz Gaming has come has been well noted, but just how Memphis put its roster this season, is an entire story. “We committed to PRO-AM this offseason, and competed against the best talent in the world,” Authentic African talked about their roster make up. “A guy like Spartan had our number this offseason, beating us in two finals, so we knew we had to go get him”

If you’re wondering what kind of team this Grizz Gaming team identifies themselves as, ‘Gritty’ Authentic African quickly answered. “We are a team that is going to fight, adjust, stay together, and give it all we have,” Authentic discussed the gritty label.

It fits, it’s Memphis.

From a dominating offseason, to conquering a goal that was long awaited in the regular season — Grizz Gaming looks to continue their magical season four in round one of the NBA 2K League Playoffs on Thursday night.

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