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Grizz Gaming Gazette: Memphis is Heading to Dallas for the 2K League Playoffs

Grizz Gaming is heading to Dallas for the 2021 NBA 2K League Playoffs!

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The last few years, I’ve learned that every job has a process to it. From fast food chains, all the way up to Apple, and Microsoft. Those companies are successful, because their Owners/CEO’s figured out a process to make that company successful.

Honestly, a process to any job makes everyone's job easier, the reputations strengthen the process. Then, when you follow each step in a process to a T, the chances of success at the end of it are greater.

I didn’t say that each time you work a process that it was going to be pretty, as Grizz Gaming saw in week nine, but their end goal was achieved — playoffs. It’s been a goal that has been ringing in Grizz Gaming’s core group since the end of last season.

Almost going 4-0 in week nine, sweeping Magic Gaming, and coming up one shot short against the Gen.G Tigers, Memphis saw their end goal in sight. Following a huge game one victory against Gen.G, Memphis just needed one more win to lock in their spot in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

Gen.G had other plans in game two, as the Tigers got off to a hot start, as Grizz Gaming trailed by double-digits for majority of game two. However, middle of the third quarter, Memphis found something. By the time game two was coming to a close, Grizz Gaming was within four points of Gen.G in the final minute. With 2.5 on the clock and no timeouts, Grizz Gaming sent the ball full-court needing a three to tie it. A touch pass from Vandi to Chess on the left hash came up just short as Memphis closed their week nine 3-1.

Grizz Gaming followed the process this season, and even over the offseason to make this happen. They got a group of unselfish guys that grinded the game, and secured them all on one team. So, after this team started at 9-1 this season, that rough patch was nothing for them. They never turned their backs on one another, and approached each game oozing with confidence.

Grizz Gaming General Manager and Head Coach Lang Whitaker heard all of the talk this offseason. This season has been strictly working on how this team can continue to get better, because he knows ceiling for this team is unknown.

The noise around not only Whitaker, but Vandi and Authentic African, will hopefully die down following a playoff birth. Three seasons that many play/coaching relationships would’ve broken down, but these three guys stayed behind one another, and that shows character.

Grizz Gaming will finish their regular season on Wednesday night as they take on Raptors Uprising GC. If Memphis wins one of their two games against Raptors Uprising, they’ll lock in the third seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs as well.

Job’s Not Finished.

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