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NBA 2K22 Debuts

It’s 2K Day!!

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Today is arguably one of my favorite days of the year, 2K Day!

NBA 2K22 has been released for the second year on both generation consoles, and 2K is here with huge news on both generation releases. With next generation gaming consoles hard to obtain, even for those willing to pay above the sticker, 2K Concepts took care of those stuck on PS4 and XBOX ONE. So, with that being said, I’m going to review both releases, what 2K has done better, and of course - how do the Memphis Grizzlies look on 2K22?

Next Generation My Career Advances:

Since NBA 2K released their first copy on the next generation consoles, in a way the game felt broken and unbalanced. The ‘City’ on next generation had players running 1,000 meters from point A to point B to just play. So, while it’s still a good sized City in 2K22, 2K Concepts cut out a lot of the random and unused buildings, which make the City noticeably smaller.

2K is adding seasons to their City and Current Generation copies of the game to give players a different look throughout their time on the game. Different seasons, where you earn XP for leveling up, and with that comes “REP” for your MyPlayer, along with boosts, and free things through each level. Each season will have 40 levels, which free boosts, animations, and even vehicles as gifts.

NBA 2K22 will also feature (on both gens) the in house voices from all 30 NBA Teams around the NBA. This includes Marcus Tucker, voice of the Memphis Grizzlies inside FedExForum, who will be in 2K22.

2K has also added matchmaking buildings to the City in 2K22. So, if you are by yourself, you can hop into a 3V3 matchmaking game with two other random players. This mode allows for there to be no squads. You can play this in 3V3 player vs. player, 1V1 player vs. player, 3V3 vs. AI, or 3V3 Cage Matches.

Lastly, 2K added quite a few badges to MyCareer. I’ll link the list below, but for example, have you played with a bigman, and missed at the rim with a Point Guard on you? There is a new badge called “Mouse in the House” that allows your big man to perform better in the post against smaller defenders. Here is the link to that article.

Current Generation My Career New Looks:

2K ON A SHIP?! Yeah, 2K22 for current generation consoles will take place on a Yacht. Similar to next generation, current generation consoles will have the same structure “seasons” that allow XP to be gained, along with you players “REP.”

With nearly six different levels on the The Cancha Del Mar, 2K looks to bring the same energy to current generation consoles. Each season, according to 2K, this boat will port at different locations throughout each season giving players a different atmosphere throughout their journey’s to 99 and more.

Also, current gen will get a handful of new badges from next gen of 2K21. So, be on the lookout for those badges in MyCareer!

Memphis Grizzlies 2K22 Overalls:

The Memphis Grizzlies land at 79 overall for the debut of 2K22. Ja Morant headlines Memphis with his team high 85 overall. Every player ranking is below:

  • Ja Morant - 85
  • Jaren Jackson Jr. - 83
  • Steven Adams - 79
  • Kyle Anderson - 79
  • Dillon Brooks - 78
  • Brandon Clarke - 77
  • Xavier Tillman - 76
  • Desmond Bane - 76
  • De’ Anthony Melton - 75
  • Tyus Jones - 75
  • John Konchar - 74
  • Jarrett Culver - 72
  • Ziaire Williams - 72
  • Santi Aldama - 70
  • Killian Tillie - 69

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