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‘The Core 4’ Podcast: Which rookie will make the biggest impact this season?

The Core 4 discuss how each rookie is trending ahead of the 2022-23 season

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2022-23 Memphis Grizzlies Media Day Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

To open the show, Xavier gives his takeaways from the Memphis Grizzlies’ open practice on Sunday and shares some exciting news about how Jaren Jackson Jr. is looking after an off-season foot surgery. Then, David gives his take on the Draymond Green punch that made its way around the internet before diving into this year’s rookie class.

In Kleiman Corner, the guys take on the Cult of Kenny Lofton. Many Memphis fans believe Lofton should have his two-way contract converted before even seeing him in regular-season action. Dave believes the two-way deal just makes good business sense. Xavier lays out the hoops the Grizzlies would have to jump through to get Lofton on the roster full-time with their current roster construction.

Jake Laravia is the focus of this week’s X&O’s segment. His ability to get out in transition on offense has been the bright spot in his game. His outside shooting, however, is giving everyone pause. What can coach Jenkins do to make Laravia more comfortable in the flow of the offense? Looking back to his college tape gave Matt some ideas of how to increase his output.

Xavier and Dave then “Embrace Debate” on what makes David Roddy the most NBA-ready of the newcomers. His size and defensive versatility make him an intriguing prospect for a rotation spot early in the year. But, will his offensive abilities give him a chance to crack the playoff rotation?

To finish the show the guys give out some Kennedy Chandler superlatives at the Trophy Case. A Dillon Brooks backcourt pairing may give him the best chance to thrive while giving up some size on the defensive end. Xavier also discusses what counter moves Chandler can add as defenses key in on his drive and kick game.

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