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5 Questions on Vince Williams

I caught up with Matt Powers, formerly of The Stepien, to talk about Grizzlies’ two-way wing Vince Williams

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2022-23 Memphis Grizzlies Media Day Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzlies selected Vince Williams to the 48th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, and most people were unfamiliar with his game. However, there was a segment of Draft Twitter that raved about the Williams and the Grizzlies’ selection.

It just adds to the common theme of the Grizzlies picking players that are deemed as “Draft Twitter favorites.”

To get us ready for his rookie season, I chat with Matt Powers — draft analyst, who previously wrote for The Stepien — to familiarize ourselves with his game and potential outcomes even more.

2022-23 Memphis Grizzlies Media Day Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

1) What entices you about Williams’ game?

His shooting and feel for the game. I had him as a late first rounder due to the shooting pedigree (40% on 272 threes his junior and senior seasons) — as well as 20% assist rate, 4% block and 3% steal rates. He is not the quickest athlete, but compensates by being a very smart player, with lots of potential for how to utilize his seven-foot wingspan.

2) How do you expect the Grizzlies to deploy Williams with the Hustle?

As a spot-up shooter with occasional creation reps on offense. Big guard defender and help playmaker on defense. That reliable spacing, passing and nose for the ball should all make him a useful hub for the other developing players on the Hustle (especially after being one of the worst G-League teams from deep last season).

3) What must he show to be on a main roster in ~2 years?

Vince Williams Jr. needs to show he can play within his role, being very clearly within the “spot-up shooter + connector” archetype. The Grizz love their smart decision-makers, and Vince is that as long as he can focus on the details to make up for his lackluster athleticism. Adjusting to the quicker game and deeper three-point line will be the key for Williams, as he needs to optimize his footwork for off-ball movement on both sides of the court.

4) Williams hits his optimal outcome if …

He can continue to work on his body to gain some quickness and strength and is able to build off his shooting prowess by playmaking off the catch. With some more defensive discipline, he could be a steals maven for the Grizz.

5) Williams doesn’t pan out if …

He can’t conform to this role first or can’t catch up to the speed of the game. Vince found himself falling for fakes in the pre-season as overcompensating for his mediocre quickness, something he will have to fix over the G-League season to allow him to settle in properly.

Thank you, Matt, for catching us up on Vince Williams and how he could project as a prospect in the Memphis Grizzlies organization. Follow him on Twitter (@DraftPow) for more NBA Draft analysis.

Also follow along with our Memphis Hustle correspondent, Brandon Abraham (@bcabraham), and his Hustle Reports to see how Williams progresses with the Hustle this season.

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