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The ‘Core 4’ Podcast: Preseason reactions and hot takes coming into season

The Core 4 gets you ready for the season

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Miami Heat v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

The regular season is right around the corner and the Core Four Boys are back to discuss the Memphis Grizzlies preseason. Matt is concerned with Memphis’ two losses against bad lineups for Orlando and Miami while the Grizzlies played their projected starters. Dave wants to see improvement in the team’s perimeter shooting as the regular season progresses.

All of Memphis is ready for the season to begin, in the second segment the guys break down the first 10 games of the schedule. Dave believes anything above .500 would be a success but no game should be penciled in as a win. Matt agrees and explains how the Utah to Portland road trip could be a potential landmine if the Grizzlies don’t step off the plane ready to play.

In Kleiman Corner, Xavier wonders if Grant Williams could fit in Memphis if the Celtics decide to let him go. The answer is a resounding ‘NO’ from both Dave and Matt. The newly announced Brandon Clarke extension leaves no room for Williams and his seemingly abrasive behavior is a red flag the Grizzlies shouldn’t take a chance on.

To close the show Xavier, Matt and Dave give out some of their hottest takes before the season begins. Dave doesn’t buy the 20-5 record without Ja last season can roll over and without their superstar, Memphis would be in trouble. Matt doubles down saying the Grizzlies should protect Morant from himself via load management and makes a case for Desmond Bane to make All-NBA this season. Xavier believes that a new rivalry could be forming out West.

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