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Rockets vs. Grizzlies Q&A: 5 Questions With The Dream Shake

The Memphis Grizzlies travel to Clutch City to face the Southwest Division rival Houston Rockets in their home opener.

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Memphis Grizzlies v Houston Rockets Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzlies (1-0) are looking to start a winning streak on Friday, and in order to do so, they’ll have to face last year’s NBA cellar-dwelling Houston Rockets (0-1).

The Grizzlies and Rockets met four times last season with Memphis winning three of four. Out of the games, two were Memphis blowouts, while two were tight finishes. The Grizzlies found a way to win one of them, but the Rockets stole a game in Houston, something that could happen tonight if Memphis isn’t careful.

To learn more about the Rockets, we spoke with The Dream Shake’s Lachard Binkley to discuss tonight’s matchup.

The Rockets are rebuilding with Jalen Green, the recently-extended Kevin Porter Jr. and the No. 3 overall pick Jabari Smith. What can we expect from the Rockets this season?

I think early you will see a team that is still trying to figure out lineups and ultimately their 9-man rotation. I ask Coach Silas about the rotations going forward and he mentioned they are still figuring it out because of all the injuries they had in preseason. The Rockets can score on anyone in the league. Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. are the players who control the offense but their biggest issues are getting stops especially when playing the better teams in the league.

What’s the biggest difference between the Rockets this season and last season?

Spacing. The Rockets suffered on the offensive end because they didn’t have proper spacing. Adding Jabari Smith makes a huge difference because he can spread the court and keep the defense honest

What’s one thing people wouldn’t know about the Rockets after just looking at a box score?

The Rockets are getting better. Even in the first game you can see the improvements when it came to cutting down turnovers and playing better defense. They struggled in the first half but unlike last year they made the adjustment at halftime and got back in the game.

If the Rockets win tonight’s game, what would be the reason?

They limit their turnovers. The Rockets were one of the worst teams in the league last year in turnovers which contributed to them giving up the most points per game of any team. Also improved 3-point shooting. The Rockets could not make a 3 last game and that ultimately cost them the game against the Hawks.

What’s your prediction for tonight’s game?

I honestly think the Rockets have a chance. They played the Grizzlies tough last year and Kevin Porter Jr. always gets up to play elite point guards like Ja Morant, and if the Rockets can have another great rebounding game like they did in the opener, they can control the pace of the game. I think the Rockets win 114-110.

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