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Breaking: Grizz Gaming Announces 2023 Protected Players JRod and Spartan

It’s officially offical.

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2022 NBA 2K League Slam Open 3v3 Tournament - Grizz Gaming v Celtics Crossover Gaming Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Season Six was a roller coaster ride for Memphis Grizzlies NBA 2K League Franchise Grizz Gaming. Landing in the bottom third of the NBA 2K League last season, Grizz Gaming was able to capitalize on that sub .500 record with the third pick in the upcoming Season Seven NBA 2K League Draft.

Today, Grizz Gaming announced it’s protected players heading into season seven. Protecting Forward/Guard JRod, and Center Spartan for next season. With the retirement announcement of Point Guard BP, and not retaining the face of Grizz Gaming, AuthenticAfrican.

A lot of positive opportunities lie ahead for Grizz Gaming with the third overall pick in the upcoming 2K League Draft, and now securing their future veteran guys.

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