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Desmond Bane: the community mane

Desmond Bane’s contributions off the court are just as good as they are on the court.

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Desmond Bane has embraced his journey into the NBA. Being from the smaller town of Richmond, Indiana, and playing for Seton Catholic all the way to being a staple name in Memphis Grizzlies culture. It goes all the way back to when Bane was in the third-grade playing for Coach Josh Jurgens, who he eventually played for throughout the rest of high school. Bane was raised by his great-grandparents, Bob and Fabbie Bane, who wanted nothing but the best for him. His great-grandmother Fabbie was the reason he went to Seton Catholic, and without him going to Seton, things may not have played out quite as they have. Seton is a 1A school while neighboring Richmond, just two minutes away is a 4A school, but Richmond was also known for some not-so-great things. Those things pushed Fabbie to put Bane into school at Seton.

Fast-forward 5 years to July 2021, after his 2016 graduation from Seton and leaving TCU, Bane was back in his hometown of Richmond doing a back-to-school drive, his very first hometown charity event. Bane provided school supplies such as backpacks, folders, pens/pencils, and more, including food, face painting, and bouncy houses for over 200 kids in the Richmond community. He also did the same charity event named “Des Day” just days prior in Memphis right before doing it in his hometown. He also donated a check to the local YMCA in Richmond.

Bane saw how his upbringing versus other kids was different. Being raised partially with his mother and then his great-grandparents, he knew what it felt like. He’s ensuring that the kids in Richmond and Memphis not only have proper supplies to go to school but a role model as well. His great-grandmother instilled one major thing in him growing up, she would tell him:

“If you have it and you have an opportunity to give back and be a blessing to somebody else, then you need to do that and take full advantage of that.”

Bane hosted a similar event before the 2022 school year started in Memphis. He named the event “Bane’s Backpacks.” Bane’s Backpacks took place at the Grizzlies' home, the FedExForum, where gave away backpacks and other back-to-class supplies to 150 first through fourth graders from the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Memphis. He also gave out notebooks, pencils/pens, rulers, crayons, and other things such as water bottles, socks, and a copy of the book ‘Guion The Lion’ by Rebecca Macsovits. Bane also hosted a free basketball clinic and community picnic during the 2022 off-season in Richmond.

Bane is now taking his big heart from the communities of Rich and Memphis to the community of Twitter — that’s right, the social media app. The Grizzlies have a large fanbase on Twitter. When one of their own, Memphis Wilcox had to have surgery and couldn’t make it on time to get a new Bane City Edition jersey that just dropped on Thursday, November 10th, Bane reached out and was more than willing to take matters into his own hands to make sure that the fanbase was taken care of.

He is also infamous for signing autographs after games and spreading joy and happiness throughout the community on and off of social media. Bane has the biggest heart, solidified by his upbringing with his great-grandparents. He and his great-grandparents are so loved throughout Richmond that Seton Catholic has a memorial scholarship in his great-grandparents, Bob and Fabbie’s name. Sadly, Bane lost his great-grandparents in 2020 and 2021. We, as a community in Memphis and in Richmond, can both vouch that Bane is doing amazing at honoring them, and the rest of his family with everything he does in the communities that he calls home.

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