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‘Core 4’ Podcast: Highlighting the importance of Steven Adams

The Core 4 Podcast recap the strong start for the Memphis Grizzlies, including the importance of Steven Adams

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Washington Wizards v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

The Core Four is back, and the fellas waited for their Sunday recording until after the Washington Wizards game to give you their instant reactions.

In the Embrace Debate segment, the guys celebrate the soon arrival of the Memphis Grizzlies’ new city jerseys by drafting their favorite Grizzlies jerseys from over the years. Dave made a massive reach with the number one overall pick before picking up some old classics in the later rounds. Xavier reminisces about playing with the Grizzlies in NBA Live sporting the classic Pau Gasol era black uniforms. Matt gets a steal with his number one-rated pick available at the third spot and believes there is nothing better than seeing a white Vancouver Mike Bibby jersey in the wild.

Later in the “X & O’s” segment, Xavier breaks down what makes for a good pick-and-roll combo. Steven Adams’s screening ability is the best in the league. But is Brandon Clarke’s ability to finish inside the better weapon? The guys also consider where Jaren Jackson Jr. fits in once he returns from his injury.

To finish the show the guys give out their weekly awards. Dave and Matt debate the merits of spending draft picks versus their trade value. Matt and Xavier also give Steven Adams some hardware after his impressive week for Memphis.

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