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Quick Recap: Grizzlies Streak Ends

Ja Morant ejected and the Grizzlies streak ends.

Memphis Grizzlies v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzlies entered Saturday going against the Oklahoma City Thunder Saturday, looking to extend their winning streak to eight straight games.

1st Quarter

The Grizzlies anticipated expanding their winning streak against the Thunder, especially since there was no SGA or Josh Giddy for the Thunder. Unfortunately, the 1st quarter was less than ideal for the Grizzlies. Dillon opened the quarter with a quick two threes, but that was the only flow for the Grizzlies offense. The Thunder forced the Grizzlies to settle for outside shots, and the Grizzlies couldn’t buy a basket. With no Giddey and SGA, Lu Dort saw his opportunity to shine and scored 9 points for the Thunder this quarter. The Grizzlies were getting quality looks, but the shots were not successful. The Thunder finished on top 25-21.

2nd quarter

The 2nd quarter wasn’t any better for the Grizzlies, again a lot of settling for long shots and no tempo. The young Thunder team began gaining confidence and ran away with a nice lead 45-30 at one point. The Grizzlies offense was so awful that players were missing easy layups. The Thunder made six threes this quarter, and their confidence grew even more. The last two minutes of the second quarter were drama filled. Ja went up for a layup and missed, although he felt contact was made and let the officials know. He was given his first tech with 43.0 seconds left. Next, the Grizzlies came on the other end and fouled the Thunder, giving the Thunder free throws. Then out of nowhere, Ja was given his 2nd tech of the night and was ejected by an official. Rewatching the replay, you can see Ja had words to some fans courtside, but one of the officials didn’t take Ja’s comments kindly. In addition, Dillon was given a tech for his reaction to Ja’s ejection. This put the Grizzlies down 64-43 going into halftime.

3rd quarter

Of course, with Ja being ejected in the first half, the Grizzlies wanted to play with urgency to bring energy to the game. However, they didn’t open the 2nd half any better. Low energy, missing free throws, and terrible defense followed the Grizzlies to start the 3rd. Again, the offense was stagnant. The expectation was for Jaren to take over, but he never did find his groove. Taylor Jenkins finally did find a unit to find a groove in the 3rd quarter slowly. Clarke and Roddy both made great plays to bring the deficit closer, but the Thunder made a run to end the quarter 91-76.

4th Quarter

Out the gate of the 4th, the Grizzlies allowed the Thunder to score easy baskets putting the Grizzlies down 20. Taylor Jenkins called a timeout, and finally, the Grizzlies attempted to play impactful basketball the rest of the night. Dillon would not allow the Grizzlies to fold. He made basket after basket, cutting the Thunder lead to single digits. Sadly, the hole the Grizzlies dug themselves into was too deep for them to dig out.

The Thunder found themselves victorious 115-109, and the Grizzlies’ winning streak ends at 7 games.

Final Stats:

Dillon Brooks- 32 PTS, 10-24 (FG), 4 REBS

Jaren Jackson- 16 PTS, 8 REBS, 8-10 FT

Tyus Jones- 15 PTS, 5-14 (FG), 2 ASTS

The Grizzlies play Tuesday against the Denver Nuggets in Denver. Hopefully, they can begin a new winning streak this upcoming week.