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Will Desmond Bane be back for the Christmas Day game?

Desmond Bane’s return date is near and needed, but is it going to be earlier than expected? Perhaps the perfect Christmas gift?

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Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Cooper Neill/NBAE via Getty Images

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Desmond Bane has been out for the past 17 games with a sprained toe and a sesamoid injury in his foot. With recent news roughly 2 weeks ago, the Grizzlies PR announced a re-loading process for him that’d take 3-4 weeks. At the time, it would deem him out for the Christmas Day game, with a possible return around the new year.

Could he return earlier? Things are getting cryptic.

Everybody loves a good ole “eyeballs emoji” tweet. It really gets the people going. Then, there are extra tweets from fellow backcourt star Ja Morant that really has Grizzlies faithful on the edge of their seats.

It begs the question every Grizzlies fan wants to know — will Desmond Bane be back for the Christmas Day showdown with the Golden State Warriors?

Though the Christmas Day game won’t have the same flair with Stephen Curry out of the lineup, having an All-Star caliber talent like Bane back in the mix would be a great thing for this game from various standpoints — the team more importantly, the fans, and the casual viewer. Good basketball players are good to have and to watch!

The Grizzlies are 10-7 in this stretch without Desmond Bane, with a 7-game winning streak providing a big boost to this record. Even with the .500 record, and the team’s surge to the top of the Western Conference, you can see where the Grizzlies miss his skillset. The Grizzlies are 20th in 3-pointers per game (11.2) and 25th in percentage (33.4%) in this span without their 3-point marksman. His outside shooting, his secondary playmaking and scoring responsibilities, and his budding 3-level attack opens up so much more for the Grizzlies’ offensive attack.

So you make your opinion known: will Desmond Bane be back for the Christmas Day game? It’d be a sweet present for everyone except for the Warriors or any of their other Western Conference foes.

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