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All-Star Friday Night Recap: The Bane Train shines in Cleveland

Despite the Championship loss, Bane shined in Cleveland on Saturday night.

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NBAE via Getty Images

Memphis Grizzlies young wingman Desmond Bane started his eventful NBA All-Star Weekend in Cleveland on Friday night with the Rising Stars Game — a tournament format featuring four teams with a combination of Rookie’s, Sophomores and G-League Players. Bane would start at the two spot on Team Isiah, the heavy favorite before tip-off on Friday night. Could Bane and Team Isiah take the Championship on Friday night?

NBAE via Getty Images

Game One: Team Worthy vs. Team Isiah

The tournament style format, along with the target score style was a win for the NBA. Game one was an excellent example of how to get the excitement back into the Rising Stars Game. The target score being 50 points in game one, Team Isiah was out by double-digits in game one.

Grizzlies two-guard Desmond Bane started off the game finding his footing. Then, he took off for Team Isiah, drilling back-to-back three-pointers to give his squad a solid lead. However, Team Worthy fought their way back into their matchup behind a 20-point performance from Jalen Green of the Houston Rockets.

However, Team Isiah was able to claw their round one matchup with Team Worthy behind Grizzlies Desmond Bane’s two free-throws to win the game. Bane finished 10 points and two assists in their first round matchup. With their victory, they advanced to the championship round.

Clutch Moment Challenge

Desmond Bane of the Memphis Grizzlies and Tyrese Haliburton of the Indiana Pacers (also representing Team Isiah) took home the Clutch Moment Challenge Championship.

Championship Game: Team Isiah vs. Team Barry

The Championship game’s target score was only 25 points, so the defensive intensity was ramped up from the jump ball. Team Isiah jumped out to a 11-5 lead on Team Barry. Bane was able to land a corner three-pointer. From there, Team Barry was able to rally, and be the aggressor down the stretch to snatch the Rising Stars Championship from Team Isiah. Despite Team Isiah’s loss in the championship, Bane shined on All-Star Friday night. Bane isn’t done either. He will participate on tomorrow night in All-Star Saturday night as a participant in the Three-Point Contest.

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