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Betting on Bane: 3-point Contest

Let a good bet fly.

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Memphis Grizzlies v Detroit Pistons Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

Desmond Bane is taking a big leap towards becoming a lethal weapon for the Memphis Grizzlies. While he’s made strides in his game inside the arc and off the dribble, he’s remained a 3-point marksman.

He’s currently 9th in the NBA in total 3-point makes (162) and 11th in 3-point percentage (41.9%), joining only 3 other players in the company of those making at least 150 3’s on at least 40% from 3. In addition, he’s on track to boast the best 3-point shooting in franchise history. His 162 makes is 3rd in franchise history, behind Mike Miller (2006-07, 202) and Mike Conley (2016-17, 171), and only needs to average 1.8 three’s per game to tie the record.

Bane is getting rewarded for his stellar 3-point shooting with an entry in the annual 3-point contest, becoming the 1st Grizzly since Mike Miller in 2017 to participate in this event.

Now comes the fun part: watching him ball out.

In this era, a common sports-watching activity is gambling on it. With sports betting becoming legal in more states each year, people put some investment in sporting events to feel an added adrenaline rush. All-Star weekend is no exemption in this regard.

DraftKings recently posted their odds for All-Star weekend, and Desmond Bane’s odds at winning the 3-point contest are at +600. He falls 3rd-to-the-bottom in odds to win, only ranking ahead of CJ McCollum and Karl-Anthony Towns to win it.

Pretty disrespectful if you ask me, but also may be a good chance to make some money. Let’s look at the tape.

Desmond Bane’s competition for this year’s 3-point contest are the following:

  • Patty Mills
  • Luke Kennard
  • Fred VanVleet
  • Zach LaVine
  • Trae Young
  • CJ McCollum
  • Karl-Anthony Towns

How does Bane stack up against these players?

First, let’s start with the nature of the shots. All of these players are elite 3-point shooters, not just in terms of percentage but in volume. In this 3-point contest though, they’ll be shooting stationary jumpers, a shot some of these players aren’t shooting as frequently.

So stacking up, Bane fares pretty well in 3-point percentage among this company:

  • Kennard: 44.8
  • Bane: 41.9
  • Mills: 41.9
  • Towns: 40.9
  • VanVleet: 40.1
  • LaVine: 39.9
  • McCollum: 38.9
  • Young: 38.3

He’s also ranking among the top in total 3-point makes:

  • VanVleet: 201
  • Mills: 186
  • Bane: 162
  • Young: 158
  • Kennard: 137
  • LaVine: 135
  • McCollum: 128
  • KAT: 110

So, with the nature of the 3-point contests, there are two things to monitor: zero-dribble shooting and shooting by regions of the floor. Where do these shooters rank in this regard?

Zero-dribble shooting, as of 2/16

  • LaVine: 50%
  • VanVleet: 46.8%
  • Kennard: 45.1%
  • Young: 44.8%
  • Bane: 43.5%
  • Mills: 42.7%
  • McCollum: 40.5%
  • KAT: 40%

When it comes to zone shooting, Bane may have the most consistency in this regard.

Left Corner

  • Young: 75% (only 3-4)
  • LaVine: 57.7%
  • VanVleet: 52.8%
  • Bane: 40%
  • Kennard: 40%
  • Mills: 40%
  • Towns: 35.7 (5-14)
  • McCollum: 32.4%

Right Corner

  • LaVine: 56%
  • Kennard: 46.7%
  • Bane: 44.4%
  • VanVleet 44.4%
  • McCollum: 40.9%
  • Mills: 35.9%
  • Young: 33%
  • KAT: 21.4% (3-14)

Left Wing

  • Young: 43.4%
  • Kennard: 42.5%
  • LaVine: 41%
  • Mills: 40.9%
  • VanVleet: 39.7%
  • McCollum: 38.7%
  • KAT: 38.7%
  • Bane: 37.6%

Right Wing

  • Mills: 50.4%
  • Kennard: 44.3%
  • Bane: 44.1%
  • VanVleet: 43.8%
  • McCollum: 41.5%
  • Young: 38.6%
  • LaVine: 35.5%
  • KAT: 32.6%

Top of the key

  • KAT: 48%
  • Bane: 46.8%
  • Kennard: 42.9%
  • Mills: 36.4%
  • Young: 35.8%
  • VanVleet: 33%
  • McCollum: 32.8%
  • LaVine: 32.2%

When you count for the average ranking of the particular numbers, Desmond Bane fares 2nd in this regard, only trailing Luke Kennard in average ranking. Super fitting that these two are the most consistent in this regard, as Bane hit 7 three’s and Kennard hit 8 in the final games before the All-Star break.

When accounting for average ranking and with betting odds, Bane should be a trendy betting favorite for a profitable bet. After all, he did say he’s been preparing for this in team shoot-arounds recently as well.

Regardless, it should be a fun event that showcases the elite talents of another Memphis Grizzly in Cleveland. Who knows, maybe Bane will surprise us with a fly-by 3 at one of the racks in this year’s competition.

Prediction/Advice: Why not roll with the immaculate vibes? Rock with Desmond Bane at +600.

You can find these odds and place these bets at with the odds here.

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Gamble responsibly.

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