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View from the Enemy: Minnesota at Memphis

“Grizz showing the rust, I expect them to adjust”

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A disappointing start to the 2022 NBA Playoffs for the Memphis Grizzlies. They drop Game 1 to the Timberwolves 130-117. The T-Wolves got off to a hot start and it just felt like the Grizzlies couldn’t get over the hump.

No doubt is this going to be a fun series, as both of these teams are young and have swagger. Coming into the series, both fan bases seemed to be confident their team would be able take care of business, so let’s take a look at what the Minnesota Timberwolves fan base had to say about their win in Game 1.

The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and the game thread on Minnesota’s SB Nation Blog Canis Hoopus.

Before the Game

The Wolves are about to play a playoff game. I am not used to this feeling.

Wolves will have 3 of the best 4 players on the court today. Rank em how you will, but top end talent wins out!

This feels weird. I’m strangely optimistic that we’re going to “steal” this first game.

I mean I guess whatever works. And if that’s the case, after his Game 1 performance, let’s hope Beasley doesn’t wear that suit ever again.

First Half

Could not be going better so far. Ant playing like a 10-year vet in his decision-making in 1st quarter.

Grizz showing the rust. I expect them to adjust.

I love how the wolves aren’t allowing the Grizz to get their defense set. And the two man game between Ant and KAT is so good. They both command so much gravity from anywhere on the court.

Letting Tyus go because he didn’t want to give a bit more money was one of the few bad business decisions by Rosas.

Protesters seem to help us. Who wants to volunteer to glue themselves to the floor next home game?

Grizzlies led the league in both offensive rebounds and total rebounds. If they want a chance to win this series they HAVE to be better on the boards. Minnesota was just outhustling the Grizzlies to the 50-50 balls.

Also, Grizzlies are 0-1, while Minnesota is 2-0 when there are protesters at the game, so there’s that.

KAT has been excellent on defense tonight.

Can’t shake the feeling this team would be sitting at home right now if it wasn’t for Ant.

So nobody is allowed near Ja at any time or it’s a foul. Ok.

Regardless of the outcome this game has absolutely lived up to the billing between these two teams. Any objective fan should be loving this game.

The Grizz are really, really good. And I can’t hate them the way I do, say, the Lakers.

But the may change if they continue to dramatically complain about obvious fouls being called against them during a game in which the officiating has favored them to such an obnoxious degree.

Going through their game thread, and I can’t really even hate on their fanbase. They seem to respect the Grizzlies and are enjoying the back and forth between the teams. They also feel disrespected by the national media and we know the feeling. Of course, they do complain a lot about the refs, but hey, they were pretty terrible.

Post Game

Great bounce-back game from KAT. Sure hope it was fun to kick him while he was down after the close call vs the Clips for some, but he’ll give Memphis more than they can handle this series

Impressive win by the Pups.

Lots of stars today, but a special shoutout to young Jaden. Dude was absolute money.

Congrats to the Timberwolves on winning the ser——, oh, just Game 1. Here’s hoping that Patrick Beverley has that same energy if the Grizzlies take the series. The last time we saw him in the Playoffs, he was two-hand shoving Chris Paul in the back when the Clippers were getting bounced last year.

But, that’s what makes the Playoffs fun, there’s got to be a villain, and Pat Bev is a natural. This is going to a fun series as this Wolves team seems more than capable of taking the Grizz to the limit.

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