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Grizz Gaming Gazette: Another Tournament, Another Opportunity to Believe

Grizz Gaming has to keep believing...

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2022 NBA 2K League - The Turn Tournament - Grizz Gaming v Kings Guard Gaming Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Memphis Grizzlies NBA 2K Franchise Grizz Gaming looks to bounce back from their tough round one loss to Kings Guard Gaming last Wednesday.

A defeat that shocked many NBA 2K League analyst, Grizz Gaming was beat by Sacramento in a wire to wire victory, ending Memphis’ Turn Tournament chances. Now they return to where Grizz Gaming has thrived at this season - the 3v3 format.

Putting a bow on the Turn Tournament:

Grizz Gaming went 3-2 in pool play prior to their bracket play showing in Indianapolis. Memphis racked up wins against the Raptors, Hornets and the eventual Turn Champions in 76ers GC.

Overall, it was a solid showing in pool play from the Grizz, that eventually ran into a buzz saw, that buzz saw being Kings Guard Gaming. It felt like a coming out party of sorts for Sacramento. Two things can be true - Memphis bring their best game from the tip-off, and Sacramento didn’t allow them to do so.

That’s what the stage can do to certain teams, especially for a 5v5 team in Grizz Gaming that is still trying to find consistency in that format.

A Quick turnaround...

The Grizz have to be thankful for such a quick turnaround back into a 3v3 scene in which they thrived in weeks ago. Making it to the Eastern Conference Finals, only to fall to the defending 2K League Champions.

BP, JMoney, and JRod will have to be huge once again for this Grizz Gaming team. BP returns to a format that he is arguably one of the best in the 2K League at, with JRod and JMoney at his side. This is such a composed group that has to be thinking that they were so close weeks ago to a Finals appearance.

Group 3 -

  • Grizz Gaming
  • Hawks Talon GC
  • Nets GC
  • Green Beanz

Grizz Gaming tips off their Switch Open Pool Play tonight as they take on community team Green Beanz at 10:00 CT on the NBA 2K League Twitch account.

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