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2022 NBA Draft Prospect Profiles: MarJon Beauchamp

Will the Grizzlies dip into the G League Ignite pool in the 2022 NBA Draft?

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G League Ignite v Motor City Cruise Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

Over the next 3 weeks, GBB will be profiling various players the Memphis Grizzlies may target in the 2022 draft. We’ll primarily look at who they may pick with the 22th and 29th pick, or with a pick from a possible trade up in the draft.

MarJon Beauchamp, Wing, G League Ignite

  • 6’6.5”, 7’0.75” wingspan, 197 pounds, 20 years old, from Yakima, WA
  • Last season with the Ignite: In 12 Games (36.6 minutes per game) — 15.1 points on 57.1% shooting (24.2% from 3, 65% from the free throw line), 7.3 rebounds, 2.5 assists, 1.6 steals
  • 2021-2022 Season with Yakima Valley Community College: In 12 Games (36.4 minutes per game) — 30.7 points on 52.5% shooting (39.8% from 3, 76.8% from the free throw line), 10.5 rebounds, 4.8 assists, 1.3 steals, 1.1 blocks
  • 3 STATS OF STRENGTH (per Tankathon): FG% (57.1%), True Shooting % (63.5%), Rebounds (7.2 per 36)
  • 3 STATS TO IMPROVE (per Tankathon): 3P% (24.2%), FTA Rate (.150), Projected NBA 3P% (31.9%)
  • AWARDS AND ACCOLADES: 4-Star recruit according to Rivals, 247Sports and ESPN before forgoing college basketball.
  • CURRENT BIG BOARD PLACEMENT: 23 (Tankathon), 30 (The Ringer), 31 (ESPN), 36 (CBS Sports), 27 (The Athletic), 23 (Bleacher Report)

The Grizzlies had a shift in their draft strategy in the 2021 NBA Draft. After taking players who dropped simply due to “physical limitations” or the fact that they were “old”, the Grizzlies shifted and selected Ziaire Williams out of Stanford with the 10th overall pick. It was a riskier pick compared to previous seasons, with both Zach Kleiman and Taylor Jenkins acknowledging that Ziaire would be a multi-year project. Williams played well his rookie season with Memphis, helping prove that this front office could also identify “project pieces” and develop them into good players.

It will be interesting to see which direction the Grizzlies go in the upcoming draft. If they decide to go with a “riskier” pick, MarJon Beauchamp would be an excellent addition to this Grizzlies team. Beauchamp is a bit of a wild card in the upcoming draft. The 20-year old had a solid season with the G League Ignite, but evaluators are still learning how to judge Ignite players. Beauchamp has a high variance on draft boards but figures to be available in the Grizzlies range should they decide to target him.

Beauchamp has an interesting background as he was a 4-star recruit who decided in 2019 he would forgo college basketball. Beauchamp decided to instead train in San Francisco with Chameleon BX for the 2021 NBA Draft. The COVID-19 pandemic altered those plans, leading Beauchamp to play for Yakima Valley College, a community college in his hometown. Beauchamp dominated the Northwest Athletic Conference, leading the league in scoring while drawing attention from big programs like Texas Tech, Arkansas, LSU and Washington. Ultimately though, concerns regarding his amateur status led him to playing last season with the G League Ignite.

Areas of Strength

G League Ignite v Long Island Nets Photo by Johnnie Izquierdo/NBAE via Getty Images

Beauchamp’s NBA career will likely be defined by his defensive prowess. He has excellent size on the wing to go with a relentless motor. Beauchamp doesn’t take possessions off and works his tail off regardless of the score. Teams, like Memphis, will certainly value that. He’s a great on-ball defender, who uses his wingspan and lateral quickness to swarm ball-handlers. He’s shown the ability to fight through screens and stick with his guy on and off the ball. He has the size to be hang down low on the defensive end, but the physicality at the NBA level may be a learning curve.

Beauchamp isn’t just a defender, though, as he’s an explosive finisher who thrives off of off-ball movement. Beauchamp is great at attacking downhill and finding open lanes to finish around the rim. He also has solid handles for a wing, thanks to growing up playing as a big guard in Seattle. The most attractive part of Beauchamp’s offensive ability is the fact that you don’t have to draw anything up for him. He’s opportunistic in transition as both a passer and finisher. He won’t command the ball but uses his high basketball IQ to know where to be to get easy opportunities at the rim. Beauchamp is also a great rebounder on the wing, able to use his size and hustle to snag a high amount of rebounds.

Areas of Weakness

G League Ignite v Motor City Cruise Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

Beauchamp will need to improve his 3-point shooting at the next level as he shot just 6-33 at the G League level from beyond the arc. The 24.2% was a drastic drop-off from the 39.8% he shot from deep at the community college level. The real Beauchamp is probably somewhere in the middle, but he’ll need to shoot the ball closer to the way he did in college to be respected on the offensive end. He has solid mechanics but struggled outside of 15 feet (11-46, 23.9%) and the free throw line (13-20, 65%).

As good as Beauchamp is off the ball, he could use some improvement in creating his own offense. Nearly 70% of Beauchamps made field goals came off assists last season. It highlights his excellent off ball movement, but also leaves you wanting more from a creation standpoint. A majority of his unassisted makes came at the rim either off of offensive rebounds or simply beating his guy off the dribble to the rim. For Beauchamp to really become successful, he’ll need to improve upon his offense outside of the paint.

Fit with the Grizzlies

On paper, Beauchamp seems like a great fit with the Grizzlies. He’d fit right in on the team with his hustle. His off-ball movement would help him thrive in minutes alongside Ja Morant and Steven Adams, while his defense would help the Grizzlies force even more turnovers. His rebounding would be welcomed, especially if the Grizzlies continue to commit to Jaren Jackson Jr. more at the 5. The downside with Beauchamp is the Grizzlies already have a ton of solid depth on the wing. Barring a switch to backup point guard, De’Anthony Melton and Ziaire Williams figure to be the first wings off the bench next season. Kyle Anderson’s back up 4 minutes look likely to be available, but Beauchamp may find himself behind the likes of Santi Aldama or Killian Tillie for that rotation spot. At best, Beauchamp could battle Konchar for the 11th or 12th spot in the rotation.

Consolidation is likely coming at some point for the Grizzlies, however, and Beauchamp would be a great piece to have once you have to make tough roster decisions. Landing in Memphis as currently constructed would likely mean Beauchamp spends more time in Southaven than Memphis which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He could work on his offensive game and is already familiar with the G League. At the NBA level, it’s hard not to think about the fun fast break opportunities in lineups alongside Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, Ziaire Williams, Jaren Jackson Jr. and Beauchamp.

The question for Memphis would be if they want to use a pick on a guy who figures to be more of a complementary player or someone who has the potential to glow up into a star. We’ll have to wait a few more weeks to find out, but Beauchamp would certainly be one of the more intriguing Memphis options.

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