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2022 GBB Consensus Big Board: 1-10

Last but not least, the top 10!

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2022 NBA Draft Lottery Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

The Grizzly Bear Blues consensus big board is back up and running for the 3rd consecutive year. We compiled 7 big boards across our staff to come up with a consensus top-58 big board. It’s 58 instead of 60 because of the silly rule of teams forfeiting their picks for tampering.

Breaking them down in groups of 10 (or 8) we’ve already covered picks 51-58, picks 41-50, picks 31-40, picks 21-30, and picks 11-20.

Now, on draft day, we reveal the GBB Consensus Big Board Top 10!

Participants: Parker Fleming, Brandon Abraham, Shawn Coleman, Ben Hogan, Jesse Cinquini, Greg Ratliff, and EdMemphis.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Semifinals-North Carolina vs Duke Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

1) Paolo Banchero, Forward, Duke

High (1): This is probably one of the trickiest top-4’s in recent memory — given the little separation between the prospects. I’m leaning with the near 7-footer who can score in all 3 levels and can pass the heck out of the ball. Banchero’s defense will be something to monitor at the next level, but his size and skillset bode well for a trajectory as a premier offensive weapon on a good team down the road. — Parker Fleming

Low (3): Having Banchero 3rd is more about Holmgren and Smith for me than it is Banchero. I think he’s going to be a really good player and the Top 4 is really mostly interchangeable. Ultimately, Banchero was just a little bit too inconsistent for me to place him higher than 3rd on my board but I would not be shocked if he follows a similar career path from another Duke Blue Devil in Jayson Tatum. — Brandon Abraham

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament Second Round - Memphis vs. Gonzaga Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

2) Chet Holmgren, Big, Gonzaga

High (1): Holmgren is a freak. He’ll be a solid rim protector from Day 1 with his massive length. Once he grows into his body, he’ll be even better down low. Offensively he has a ton of guard-like traits despite being 7 feet tall. He’s a solid shooter and can make some nifty passes. The only knock on him is his strength as he still has to grow into his frame quite a bit. Considering what we’ve seen guys like Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetekounmpo do with NBA facilities, I trust Holmgren to put on some weight over the next few seasons. — Abraham

Low (4): There’s no doubt that Holmgren has the skills to be successful in the NBA, but he HAS to put on weight. Teams will target him in the post if he doesn’t. There’s a big difference between the size of guys he played against in the NCAA compared to the NBA. I also feel that Holmgren has to be in a certain situation to fully unlock his potential. That shouldn’t be the case for a Top-5 pick. — Hogan

Syndication: The Montgomery Advertiser Jake Crandall / USA TODAY NETWORK

3) Jabari Smith, Forward, Auburn

High (1): Potentially elite defender, excellent shot creator, great perimeter shooter. Could be a superstar if he puts it all together. — Greg Ratliff

Low (4): Jabari Smith might be the best shooter in this class, but I dock him lower than the others in the consensus for his minimal shot creation. He has a 2-point percentage of 43.5%, and that mark just scares me for a near 7-footer. It just doesn’t move me as a top-3 pick. — Fleming

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-St. Peters vs Purdue Mitchell Leff-USA TODAY Sports

4) Jaden Ivey, Guard, Purdue

High (2): Being able to produce when going downhill continues to be of importance in today’s NBA. Jaden Ivey is a very talented player on the move, showing a natural ability to get to and score in many different ways around the rim. He has one of the highest offensive floors in this class, and while his all-around game and shooting need to improve, if they do, he has one of the highest ceilings in this class as well. — Shawn Coleman

Low (4): Similar to Banchero, I really like Ivey I just struggle putting him above the “Big 3” of this draft. I think he’s arguably the most NBA ready of them all, particularly with his shot making. Defensively is where Ivey ultimately finds himself behind the others. He often loses focus and loses his man. He can be a really good defender when locked in, we just saw that on a limited basis at Purdue. He’s also a bit streaky scoring the ball, but will have have greater help on the wing at the NBA level. — Abraham

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament- Purdue vs Iowa Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

5) Keegan Murray, Forward, Iowa

High (5): One of the biggest weaknesses I’ve seen for Murray is his age. That doesn’t bother me because if a guy can play, he can play. Murray is a guy that can step in as a starter straight out of the draft. His versatility is treasured in today’s NBA. 5 years from now, I think we look back and see Murray as a Top-3 player in this draft. — Hogan

Low (6): I’m not “low” on Murray by any stretch; he is undeniably one of the most NBA-ready prospects in his class. Murray lit up the scoreboard this past season (23.5 points per game, fourth-highest in the nation) and functioned as a two-way Swiss army knife for Iowa. Still, I’m not sure I would use a top-five pick on him, as he is a limited athlete and unproven shot creator on the perimeter. — Cinquini

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament West Regional-Arkansas vs Duke Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

6) AJ Griffin, Wing, Duke

High (5): Excellent range as a shooter. Creative with the ball in his hands. Could be the best scorer in the early part of the draft. — Ratliff

Low (10): Knee and ankle impingements plagued Griffin throughout high school and college; he spent nearly two years of his high school career on the bench because of them. Beyond his lengthy injury history, although not a huge concern, Griffin also has a somewhat limited defensive IQ. He struggles with defensive positioning and occasionally gets caught napping when guarding away from the ball. — Jesse Cinquini

G League Ignite vs Santa Cruz Warriors Photo by Mike Rasay/NBAE via Getty Images

7) Dyson Daniels, Guard, G-League Ignite

High (6): Daniels is one of the smartest players in this years draft. He’s a fantastic passer who will excel in the pick-and-roll able to punish defenders with a pass or floater. He executes at a high level with and without the ball, using smart cuts to either crash the boards or get open layups. Daniels needs to improve his 3-point shooting and his form isn’t great but he’s so great elsewhere he has time to develop his jumper. — Abraham

Low (11): Without a doubt, Dyson Daniels is one of the more intriguing guard/wing prospects in this draft. His defensive upside, ability to add value without a ton of usage, and effort are all very good. For me, the reason I rank others a bit higher than him is due the need for him to establish a clear source of scoring value on offense. The ability to create for others certainly seems to be there, but with a Top 10 pick, I value the ability to score a bit higher than creating for others. — Coleman

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

8) Shaedon Sharpe, Guard, Kentucky (kinda)

High (5): The former number one prospect in the 2022 recruiting class, Sharpe didn’t play a single game of college basketball with Kentucky, which undoubtedly hurt his draft stock. But with great size, athleticism, a tight handle, and shot creation chops, Sharpe has the potential to grow into an All-Star in the right situation. For these reasons, he is well worth taking a flier on in the mid-to-late lottery. — Cinquini

Low (12): Shaedon Sharpe is such an unknown — he could be the best player in this class, or fizzle out. There’s intrigue with him and his shot creation, but also there’s more smoke about his lack of burst off the dribble. There are more players in the lottery tier I’m willing to bet on over Sharpe. - Fleming

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament Second Round - Memphis vs. Gonzaga Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

9) Jalen Duren, Big, Memphis

High (7): Count me as a huge fan of Jalen Duran due to the defensive potential that is already clear in his game at such a young age. A player who can impact at the rim on both ends of the court and be a difference maker in multiple ways defensively, Duran is the type of talent at center that can add significant value even if he is not a high usage player. In the right system, Duran could emerge a Robert Williams level talent early in his career. — Coleman

Low (12): Parts of his game look NBA-ready, he is explosive around the rim and can battle for boards with the best of them. He still needs to polish off some areas of his game though. Not very much range; needs better discipline on defense as he can get into foul trouble; has to develop a back to the basket game. Plenty to like though and worth a lottery pick. — Hogan

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament Second Round San Diego-TCU vs Arizona Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

10) Bennedict Mathurin, Wing, Arizona

High (8): Mathurin made the seismic jump from role player to star during his sophomore stint at Arizona. He’s a knockdown shooter with limitless range — 20% of his attempted threes as a sophomore came from 25 feet or farther — and one of the bounciest athletes in his class, making him a nightmare in transition. Mathurin’s handle needs some fine-tuning, although his strengths (three-point shooting, off-ball/ fastbreak scoring) should ensure he’s an NBA contributor right away. Simply put, along with a high ceiling, Mathurin has a high floor, too. — Cinquini

Low (11): Good shooter from multiple spots on the floor. Biggest issue is going to be on the other side of the ball. If he gets quicker and smarter on defense and off the ball, Mathurin could be an excellent player. — Ratliff

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