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Grizz Gaming Gazette: Memphis goes dancing in Indianapolis again

No need to believe in the Grizz Gaming... They believe in each other...

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2022 NBA 2K League Slam Open 3v3 Tournament - Grizz Gaming v Celtics Crossover Gaming Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Following a rough showing against the Gen.G Tigers of Shanghi on last Tuesday night, Memphis Grizzlies NBA 2K League team General Manager Lang Whitaker made it simple for his team.. “Just believe.”

A quote that dates back to the season four Grizz, stems from the hit TV series Ted Lasso. Believing in themselves when no one else in the NBA 2K League did. A roster many thought would thrive in the 3v3 setting, however, would be in the bottom half of the league in the 5v5 format.

Boy, were so many people wrong.

With their 72-58 win over 76ers GC last Thursday night, Memphis locked themselves into bracket play of The Turn Tournament Powered by AT&T.

Grizz Gaming finished 3-2 in pool play, and in their three wins have won by an average of 10 points — defeating a 76ers team Thursday night, a team that has made in season moves to compete for a 2K League Title. Then, earlier in pool play, taking down two talented teams like Hornets Venom and Raptors Uprising GC.

Grizz Gaming travels to Indianapolis for there third time in their three opportunities so far this season. Four out of the five franchises that Memphis saw during pool play advanced with Memphis to bracket play of the Turn Tournament. Setting up a first round matchup with a revamped Kings Guard Gaming team that is no joke at all — led by 2K League stars MamaImDatMan, Crush and OneWildWalnut.

Star players at three pivotal positions on the virtual hardwood, but another opportunity for Grizz Gaming to keep showing their progression in season five. No doubt that the Grizz will be underdogs going into Wednesday night in Indy.

Of course, Sacramento won four of their five pool play games in a very talented group. It appears that Point Guard MamaImDatMan and OneWildWalnut are thriving right now.

This Memphis franchise has been the underdog of the 2K League for years now. Now this Memphis franchise sits on the brink of breaking through a wall that will put this franchise in the upper half of the league.

Grizz Gaming doesn’t have the most flashy personalities in the 2K League, which leads to them being less talked about. However, Memphis has arguably the best dribbler on the game of NBA 2K in Micheal Diaz (BP). In a very talented Center season, a Center that has absolutely dominated opponents all season in Josh Mchatten (Spartan).

Then, one of the most versatile players in the 2K League, and longest tenured Grizz Gaming player in Mehyar Ahmed-Hassan (AuthenticAfrican) at lockdown. One of the best corner shooters in the 2K League in JRod, and finally a sharpshooter/secondary ball-handler in Jordan Martinez (JMoney).

2022 NBA 2K League Slam Open 3v3 Tournament - Grizz Gaming v Celtics Crossover Gaming Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Another opportunity in Indianapolis that many outside of the 901 saw for this franchise in season five. This team isn’t worried about tier charts, or player rankings. They’re focused on one another, and progressing with one another throughout this season five.

The Grizz just keep believing.

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