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Grizz Gaming Gazette: Adversity and Staying Together

Grizz Gaming hopes to return to normal as 3v3 Seed Weeks begin...

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2022 NBA 2K League Slam Open 3v3 Tournament - Grizz Gaming v Celtics Crossover Gaming Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

One month ago, Memphis Grizzlies NBA 2K League franchise Grizz Gaming was one of the top five teams in the Eastern Conference, and they were one of the league’s bigger breakout storylines.

Then, right as Grizz Gaming started becoming one of the 2K League’s early-season storylines in 5v5 along with 3v3, Grizz Gaming Point Guard BP tears his cornea in his eye, which sends the Grizz into damage control.

BP showed growth as a point guard this late into his NBA 2K League career. Spartan was lethal on the boards for Memphis. The JMoney/BP backcourt was capable of not only sharing the ball-handling capabilities, but scoring at will against most opposing defenses.

A Grizz Gaming team that had made a deep run early in the 2K League season in the 3v3 setting, but was starting to find an identity in the 5v5 scene on the defensive side of the floor.

Then, the unimaginable happens...

NBA 2K League The Tip Off Tournament - Grizz Gaming v Gen. G Tigers Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Now, a month removed, and it feels as if this Grizz Gaming’s season five success has come to a scratching holt — dropping their last six matchups for a combination of reasons. Some of which Grizz Gaming cannot control. BP being out the last week or so has been brutal for Memphis’ offensive production.

Going winless in their five 5v5 Seed Week games, which locked them into the ticket, Memphis now moves their focus to the 3v3 format with hopes of getting BP back into their starting lineup — while they’re sitting two games behind a playoff spot in the NBA 2K League’s Eastern Conference 3v3 scene.

With BP’s availability up in the air heading into this week, Grizz Gaming Head Coach and General Manager Lang Whitaker was honest on how Memphis approached another week of the unknown... “We’ve got guys that can do lots of things, and we are trying different things.”

Whitaker continued, “I think one of the more important things about 3v3 is being flexible and versatile.” Whitaker mentioned several different names regarding point guard come tip-off tonight against Knicks Gaming, but wouldn’t pinpoint a specific player.

As crazy as this last month has been for Grizz Gaming, Whitaker is more focused on Memphis’ “effort” along with the way his team “performs” this week.

Return of BP?

The possibility is high. I’m not sure what the return from a torn cornea is, however, BP has been out of the lineup due to that injury for going on two weeks.

Before BP’s injury, Memphis’ was still in search of an identity on the offensive side of the floor in the 5v5 format. BP was brought in for his success on the 2K League scene in regards to the new 3v3 format.

Whitaker also mentioned Monday afternoon how not having a guy like BP in the 5v5 setting isn’t as bad versus the 3v3 is. He’s not wrong. Double ball-handlers, and multiple guys that can share the load definitely hid no BP in 5v5, but his availability will be needed in 3v3.

Memphis will not have a great week without BP in their lineup, and healthy.

NBA 2K League The Tip Off Tournament - Grizz Gaming v Gen. G Tigers Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Playing Grizz Gaming Basketball

This is in any sport really, especially in Memphis’ situation regarding the losing streak. Sometimes you just have to play your brand of basketball. Whitaker talked about that in regards to this big week for his team, “To me, it’s honestly not about the wins, but more about the effort that we put out, and the way we play.”

“I just want us to play the way we can play... Adversity, and going through what we went through the last couple of weeks, it’s tough for all of us... As a team, we have to rely on each other and come out and fight,” Whitaker discussed his teams approach going into Tuesday night.

Grizz Gaming’s hashtag this season was “#BuiltForThis” and not many franchises would of made it through what they just went through without turmoil and drama. For the first time in weeks, it feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel as Memphis returns to 3v3.

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