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The Core 4 Podcast: Looking back on the Grizzlies summer

The Core 4 makes its re-debut!

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2022 NBA Summer League - Minnesota Timberwolves v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

Site Manager Note: The Core 4 Podcast is back. This started out as my first ever podcast, alongside my co-host Nathan Chester. I’m glad it can make its return with Matt Gill, Xavier Dotson, and David Buckler. Their vision for the podcast is stellar.

The Core 4 Podcast is back on the Grizzly Bear Blues Podcast network. Join David Buckler, Xavier Dotson, and Matthew Gill in this first episode of the season. Learn more about your new hosts during the first segment of the show.

Later, Dave asks the guys about their evaluations of the 2022 Grizzlies rookie class and how they looked in Summer League. Xavier breaks down Ziaire Williams’s growth as an on-ball scorer, and Matt evaluates the early returns from some key rookies.

To close the show, the guys discuss some expectations for next season — including Taylor Jenkins navigating the early part of the year without Jaren Jackson Jr., and why the Grizzlies have finally earned a Christmas day game.

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