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Grizz Gaming Gazette: Sights set on season 6

How can Grizz Gaming learn from a tough season five?

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2022 NBA 2K League - The Ticket Tournament - Grizz Gaming v Hawks Talon GC Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Season Five of the NBA 2K League was one of the more eventful seasons in League history — as there were more in-season trades, and teams were trying to adjust to a new format with the addition of 3v3.

Throughout all of it, it felt like Memphis Grizzlies NBA 2K League franchise Grizz Gaming was just trying to keep their heads above water. Flashing back to the start of season five for Grizz Gaming, Memphis wasn’t projected to do much following a questionable draft by many analysts.

However, Grizz Gaming started off the season in the 3v3 rather hot. Going to the Eastern Conference Finals in the first 3v3 tournament of the season. Given the roster's versatility, Grizz Gaming was set up to thrive on the 3v3 scene with the addition of Point Guard BP.

Heat Check Gaming v Grizz Gaming Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

What’s next for Grizz Gaming?

Once the opening tournaments ended, Grizz Gaming’s consistency started to fall off in both 3v3 and 5v5 formats, because of changes within the roster — along with BP being out of the lineup due to eye issues. With a brutal season five in the rear view mirror, what lies ahead for Grizz Gaming heading into this offseason?

From an outsiders perspective, Spartan is Grizz Gaming’s best player. Spartan feels like a lock to get retained this offseason. If — and when — Grizz Gaming commits to Spartan over the offseason, their center position should be locked down for season six.

Now, as for the other four positions, that should open up. AuthenticAfrican has been a cornerstone for this Grizz Gaming franchise since the inaugural season back in 2018. AA is one of the more versatile 2K League players out there, but there was more talk surrounding life after the 2K League with Authentic African this season than his play on the virtaul hardwood.

AuthenticAfrican took on more of a coaching role with the addition of 3v3, and during the 5v5 games, played the role of lockdown for Grizz Gaming. Not saying that Authentic is going to retire, but he has been vocal about not wanting to play the lockdown position, and had to step into that role once again with Grizz Gaming this season.

2022 NBA 2K League 5v5 Finals - Bucks Gaming v Wizards District Gaming Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

As far as the Grizz Gaming guards go, this will be yet another talented draft class featuring the two skilled positions of point guard and shooting guard. Season Five NBA 2K League Champion Bucks Gaming is a good example of pairing youth with veteran talent. If Grizz Gaming were to take the leap in season six, it will be reliant in the 2K League Draft. They need to prioritize a young, talented, and hungry point guard.

Bucks Gaming is almost the perfect blueprint for how Memphis can build their season six roster. Having Spartan locked in at Center for next season, and then snagging two guards that can create and communicate well with one another will be huge.

Consider this Grizz Gaming stripping their roster down, and pairing their most talented player with younger talent. If AuthenticAfrican were to stay in Memphis, which I think is a definite possibility, it would be at the lockdown position.

2022 NBA 2K League Slam Open 3v3 Tournament - Grizz Gaming v Celtics Crossover Gaming Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

My offseason sleeper move:

Coming into season five, when his name was called, everyone across the 2K League scratched their heads. JRod silenced a lot of doubters in season five with his three point shooting at power forward. It felt like it was lost in Grizz Gaming’s losses, but JRod was Memphis’ steady hand on offense. If the ball got in his hands, he was money from the corner.

Retaining JRod, Spartan and Authentic (if AA will play lock) provides the perfect veteran presence for a young front court to be drafted to Memphis this offseason.

Season Five was rough to watch, but Grizz Gaming found out how to navigate a new insane NBA 2K League season. Now, building a young, talented roster with a good mixture of veteran talent will be huge for Grizz Gaming.

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