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NBA 2K answered the call with the release of 2K23

The Memphis Grizzlies leveled up on NBA 2K23...

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September 9th, Take-Two Interactive released the 24th edition of their most prominent games — NBA 2K. NBA 2K23 has been setting the standard on sports gaming for over a decade.

For the 2023 season release, 2K branded this game around number 23 Michael Jordan himself. 2K added a series of 15 ‘Jordan Challenges,’ where you can answer the call on all of the historic moments in game that Jordan himself took on in the 90’s. Those challenges Jordan faced, eventually led to legendary status.

Focusing on the Next Gen version of the game, 2K added things that made the game fun again. On the gameplay side of things, 2K added new skill moves, animations, and player builds (in MyCareer) that provide for a close to real experience.


2K added more joy to their MyTeam area of gaming. Before 2K23, one couldn’t play with one of their friends in an online setting. In 2K23, 2K added Co-Op to their Triple Threat gameplay in MyTeam. Another thing that NBA 2K23 advanced in as far as their MyTeam game mode - the removal of contracts.

MyCareer & The City:

The major reason for NBA 2K’s rapid growth is their integration of a storyline within building your MyPlayer. Yes, last year was a little different, but Take-Two interactive didn’t disappoint this time around.

2K23’s all-new MyCareer experience one of the largest and most involved storylines in Take-Two interactives history. The storyline takes place in a much smaller ‘City’ compared to last year. A more balanced game across the board, as 2K cracked down on how archetypes can be built.

I mentioned the much smaller City earlier, but it’s easily better looking as well. With the addition of fast travel stations, neighborhood affiliations, and the debut of the ‘Block’ and ‘Theater,’ 2K is on track for great things this year.

How do the Memphis Grizzlies Rank?

I’m glad that you asked. The Memphis Grizzlies are a ‘Tier 1’ team in NBA 2K23, and have five players that grade out 80 overall or higher. Ja Morant easily being the highest overall Grizzly with an 93 overall, along with a 97 dunk package.

Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr. (83), Desmond Bane (83), Steven Adams(82), and Dillon Brooks (80) rank 80 or higher in 2K23.

How would I grade NBA 2K23 overall?

It’s honestly tough to grade three days in, but I’ll go over what I like, and what I think they could’ve improved.

Let’s start with gameplay. First, the realistic movement of the players. In 2K23, you can go after a loose ball that is approaching out of bounds. Just like in real life, there is an opportunity now in 2K to save a possession.

Aesthetically, the City is beautiful. However, I think 2K could of slimmed it down quite a bit. Especially doing the side missions that come with the new storyline in between games. Or, have the challenges closer to one another verses going across the map to knock out one challenge. The addition of fast travel was helpful, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice it.

I like walking into the arena, down the hallway, and into the locker rooms before a game. The addition of that, along with running out of the tunnel for shootaround, makes me want to play MyCareer more.

The revamped REC jerseys and arena look way better. Overall, it’s tough to continually improve a game in which you have no competition. In 2K’s scenario, they’ve listened to the community when their best games where launched. This 2K has a different feel to it. Three days in, and it’s an 8 out of 10 in my book.

Go buy it!

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