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‘The Core 4 Podcast’: Mid-Season Surprises and Disappointments

The C4 Boys are back to talk Surprises & Disappointments from the mid-way point of the NBA Season, Jaren for DPOY, and rank the top NBA Title Contenders.

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NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s Core 4, the guys open the show discussing the Memphis Grizzlies’ current seven-game winning streak including a pair of wins in their latest back-to-back.

In the first segment, Xavier, Matt, and Dave give their biggest surprises and disappointment from around the NBA to mark the halfway point in the season. Matt has enjoyed the scoring boom across the league, while Dave is disappointed at the level of competition from the league’s middle tier. Xavier is asking for the trade market to finally ramp up.

The fellas then Embrace Debate about Jaren Jackson Jr.’s Defensive Player of the Year Candidacy. Jackson has transformed the Grizzlies’ defense since returning from injury, while averaging 3.3 blocks per game. Dave looks at the betting odds that have Jackson favored, but Matt believes Jackson’s rebounding is holding him back from the DPOY Crown for the time being.

In this week’s NBA Title Contenders Ranked by the College Football Playoff Committee, Xavier and Matt have finally convinced Dave that Denver deserves the top spot. Matt and Dave have similar lists, and it comes down to Xavier to break the tie. Where does Memphis land in the contender race?

To wrap up the show, the guys visit Kleiman Corner to discuss Dave’s favorite trade target: Jordan Clarkson. Clarkson was ejected from Sunday’s Utah versus Memphis game, but Dave believes that doesn’t count out Clarkson as a potential addition for the Beale Street Bears. Matt gives his list of target, and Xavier wants to stand firm by the current roster.

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