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5 Questions with Silver Screen and Roll

The Memphis Grizzlies are facing off against a Lakers team full of drama and questions.

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Los Angeles Lakers vs Memphis Grizzlies Set Number: X163901 TK1

The Memphis Grizzlies kick off a 5-game road trip with a matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers. Last time they played each other in Hollywood, the Grizzlies and LeBron jawed back and forth. So a rematch should be highly entertaining.

The Lakers are a team filled with a lot of drama and questions — primarily around the trade market. Let’s talk about those with Silver Screen and Roll writer Jacob Rude.

1. How have the performances of LeBron/AD this season made their playoff aspirations more realistic?

Separate of one another, LeBron James and Anthony Davis have played at MVP levels for brief spurts this season. It’s been the story of most of the last 2-3 years for the Lakers is that the two have been great but not available enough. But the fact is that with them healthy, the Lakers have two top 10-15 players this season and if you have that, you have a realistic shot at the playoffs. The problem is everything surrounding them.

2. What’s the highest you think the Lakers can climb in the standings?

In a normal season, not very. But the Western Conference is so bad this year that this team is still somehow only a handful of games out of not even having to play in the play-in. Conceivably with the right moves and LeBron and AD getting healthy, I could see the Lakers moving as high as the 6 or 7 seed this season.

3. What’s your favorite (realistic) Russ trade?

I’m assuming the Buddy Hield and Myles Turner package is off the table with the Pacers actually being good this season. If that’s the case, I’m prone for a deal with Charlotte centered around Terry Rozier and PJ Washington. There aren’t many Russ packages that are enticing right now but it’s a little easier to swallow him being on the team when he isn’t just awful AND toxic.

4. Beverley/Nunn have been throw in trade discussions. What sort of return are you looking for there?

Realistically, contributors. It sounds harsh but the two of them have hardly been positive players this season if at all. Ideally, they would bring in a wing or two but everyone in the league wants wings and those come at a high price.

5. Are you team “keep the picks” or should they push the chips on this Bron/AD timeline?

I’m pretty firmly in trade the picks. You owe it to LeBron and AD to build a team around them that can compete for the playoffs and eventually a title. They’ve done their part to show they can still play at a high level, now the front office owes them to improve the roster. Plus, the whole world might be under water by 2027 or 2029 anyway.

Thank you, Jacob, for participating in this game’s Five Questions. Follow him (@JacobRude) and SSR (@LakersSBN).

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