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‘The Core 4’ Podcast: Does Memphis the best Front Office in the NBA?

New Year, New C4: Adams in the Playoffs, Brooks’ Extension, Roddy Minutes, and Ranking the NBA’s Front Offices.

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Core 4

The Core 4 starts the New Year with a brand new episode. Xavier and Matt share their New Year’s Eve recaps. Dave is playing banged up this week but presses on and opens the show discussing the Memphis Grizzlies’ impressive last three games.

In Embrace Debate, the guys discuss the incredible December Steven Adams had. Adams posted more than 11 rebounds per game in the final month of 2022 but is his defense going underrated? Dave wonders if his play will continue to be solid in the postseason.

For this week’s Kleiman Corner, Dillon Brooks is discussed. The decision not to extend Brooks this offseason had its pluses and minuses but his recent play may price him out of Memphis this offseason. Reports that Memphis could be the next team to acquire a big star have also reignited the trade machine with Brooks at the center of deals.

Xavier breaks down David Roddy’s improvement and Tyus Jones’ contributions in his X&O’s segment. Has Roddy done enough to earn more minutes? Matt believes his shooting needs to improve while Xavier is intrigued by his back-to-the-basket game. Dave likes the fit of Tyus Jones with Ja Morant on the floor and discusses the possibility of a full-time starting role.

This League closes out the show, the guys rank their top four NBA front offices (and the worst). The Lakers’ most recent offseason has led to them underachieving while Matt’s top front office has the top seed in the West. Where do the Grizzlies rank among the league's top front offices?

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