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I am a lifelong Memphian who has pursued different avenues in music, education, art and writing. I'll openly admit to an addiction to watching the Memphis Grizzlies, ain't no shame. I love cooking and culinary exploration, but, as I use food as a vessel for showing love, I don't think I could ever pursue a professional career in cooking. Now food critiquing, that's another story...

Pinnacle Bank releases their Grizzlies debit card

Vegas says the Grizzlies will win 43.5 games this season

I hate it, but I wish it weren't so realistic.

Pau reps Marc during Spain's medal ceremony in Rio

Like any good big brother would!

So Wade Baldwin might be pretty good...


Grizzlies agree on 2-year deal with SF James Ennis

The Grizzlies add some additional wing depth.

Grizzlies have reached out to Courtney Lee's camp

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Robert Pera has lost his mind and it's beautiful!

Grizz continue their FA crusade with run at Gordon

The Grizzlies have started up the fireworks early for Independence Day!

Faulkner's Farewell: GBB will be changing hands

Gather around, folks

Grizzlies vs. Nets GameThread

Chat time!