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Playoff Standings

Memphis Playoff Update: A Grizzly Week Ahead

This coming week is the Memphis Grizzlies' last best shot at securing not just a playoff birth, but the five-seed in the Western Conference.

The Fifth It Is: Griz Draw Portland in First Round

Finally, we know who the Memphis Grizzlies will open the 2015 NBA Playoffs against this weekend. Home court advantage and a new playoff opponent await the Bears of Beale Street.

Western Playoff Update: Memphis, We Have a Problem

The two seed is no longer occupied by the Memphis least for the time being. Things are murkier than ever out west, but there is still reason for hope.

Memphis Grizzlies Weekly Playoff Standings

Weekly Playoff Standings: Grizz Gripping 2nd seed

It wasn't a pretty finish for Memphis going into the break, but they still have a firm grip on the 2nd seed in the Western Conference.

Memphis Grizzlies Weekly Playoff Standings

Setting up for the final push into All-Star month weekend fortnight?

Grizzlies Weekly Playoff Standings

A breakdown of the current playoff standings.